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Town Hall Complete Plan

Finally! I had to work at this plan a little at a time for the last three weeks because of other obligations, but I wanted to take my time and try something different by combining the perspective drawing with some internal structural sketches of the roof trusses. As usual, all these drawings are done by hand on paper 8 and a half by 11 inches, usually with sharp pencils in the lighter range, H, 2H, and 4H. I scan them, darken a bit, and tweak the color to sepia.

Usually, with perspective drawings. I draw them completely free-hand, no references, no computer help. HOWEVER, with this one, I had available to me a nicely done 3D computer model by T. Lebret [link] , so I asked him for some views, chose the best one, printed it out, and then I put some tracing vellum over it and traced the major outlines only, mostly roof ridges, bottoms of walls, dormer outlines, etc. I knew I would essentially be re-drawings almost everything, especially the "shaped" sculptural details and other complicated stuff that a computer model can't capture very well. Once I had most of it sketched, I went back into the roof structure and laid out the spacing of the trusses lightly, and began to sketch them in from a 2D rough elevation sketch of a single truss, (not pictured here.) I also sketched in the rear roof structure with slightly less-spectacular trusses.

The main trusses are visible, of course, from the ground floor and the second floor balcony/arcade that runs on either side of the interior of the main hall. Coupled with the high elongated rows of side dormers and the tiny upper dormers, the lighting effects on the trusses and other interior details would be spectacular indeed, similar to a gothic cathedral on a smaller scale. I wouldn't be opposed to some stained glass windows either!

From a design perspective, the point of this exercise was to push the limit with creative sculptural components, spectacular roof truss design, and medieval-inspired design components such as corbels, steep roofs, mixed materials, polychrome brickwork, slate roofs with colored ceramic tile accents, "fortified" turrets, and other medieval design devices. This building could have been built 300 years ago, or, it could be built now, with modern materials in some locations, an insulating layer in the roof, modern heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical, and use of modern structural materials where advantageous such as reinforced concrete.

Special emphasis was placed on the front wall. A symmetric design, it features a balanced composition of harmoniously combined sculptural elements, with beautiful front entry arches and a balcony for the town leaders to address the people. As always, proportion is key, and I always mix materials, in this case, primarily a smooth creamy-white stucco with some stone accents and a strip of half-timbering at the second floor level.

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Gosh! it's so pretty!
Built4ever's avatar
Thanks Colin...
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Well that's a great job as usual ;) The transparency effect looks awesome !
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Merci beaucoup, hope you like. You can see that I did substantial re-draw of sculptural details like the corbels and the side turret, plus I've added some new stuff. Drawing those timber trusses by hand is tricky... Are you doing anything right now with Darkmichael?
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Yeah I saw you changed some details! I could do even more hehe :P
For now I'm searching an intership which takes a lot of time, much more than I expected actually xD plus the whole traditional university stuff... don't have time for a lot of things, unfortunatly :(
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OHHHH what are you studying at the university?
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Audiovisual, kinda specialised in visual effects :)
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I love seeing your designs modeled, although nothing quite beats the aesthetic of the hand-drawn sketch. :)
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I would almost like to combine them, like use my 2D drawing as a wall paper glued to a 3D model. Or? I dunno...
Roskvape's avatar
That could be cool. Hand-drawn texture maps for a 3D model.

Or, you could just building the whole thing out of paper and draw/paint directly on it. Because I'm sure you have tons of free time for stuff like that.
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I'm working in the shop til 10 at night last night, tonight, tomorrow fer sure he he time???
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Exactly! Between 10pm and morning = free time! :lol:
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Wonderful pencil work here! Also the use of 3D modelling, what software?
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Ask deviant t-gwen. Thanks!
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Amazing :D
The design and the illustration are incredible.
Built4ever's avatar
Thanks weequays!
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O.o this is amazing! I love the design!
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