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The Hamlet

Idealized vision of a small hamlet in a beautiful rural area with a temperate climate. This is partly an attempt to define a "hamlet" as follows: a cluster of buildings, smaller than a village, with a population of maybe 50-150 people, and maybe 5-20 buildings, mostly residential homes or cottages, with possible agricultural outbuildings, and perhaps one "monumental" building, here depicted as a small tavern/inn. Buildings could be arranged along a single road, or they could be sprinkled informally at a "Y" junction or other road junction. Classically, historically, a hamlet like this might be peopled with as small as one extended family group, if it was more medieval or 19th century, but it could be otherwise too. Hand-drawn sketch from imagination, pencil to paper, from a sketchbook, takes up about 1/3 of a 8"x11" page. Cottage architecture with thatched roofs inspired by English vernacular country homes.
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A green and pleasant land, no doubt.

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A lovely place to visit and explore.

Lovely town. I especially like the tavern and inn--always been a sucker for towers. And the vineyards and orchards are a graceful touch.