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Steampunk Cabaret

Steampunk cabaret fashion illustration, fully labeled with detailed descriptions of the outfit designs. Young lady on the left, Steampunk Cabaret, modeled after French can-can girls and late 19th century cabaret dance outfits. My outfit design/illustration was influenced by a photo of a costumed gal, which I then re-worked, modified, added onto the outfit, changed the face completely, and added descriptions of a Steampunk-inspired method of construction complete with bits of old fabric and heavy tanned leather straps, laces, and details, in keeping with the style. The young lady on the right, Steampunk Showgirl, is a completely original design based on earlier sketches of mine. Her outfit has a traditional Steampunk top hat with goggles and adornments, punked-out "wild" hair, sexy form-fitting custom boots in a light tone, possibly with cloth or even sheer elements, and a semi-outrageous integrated dress/outfit with rag-tag revealing strips of fabric for a skirt element, sheer form-fitting central bodice, and a bra top, with various adornments and a mild skull motif. 

This is a re-draw of two early steampunk fashion studies, drawn together now as a detailed line drawing, with refined body proportions and more detailed outfits. Original intent and influences included classic pin-up girl illustration combined with Steampunk fashion design. 

Methods and materials: Faber-Castell SHARP pencils, usually 2H, H, and HB grades on 8"x11" (A4) paper size. Image is then scanned and manipulated in GIMP free software: cleaned up, labels added, very light background added.

Note: File updated on 11-21-2018
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These are awesome.  Some great pose inspiration here:
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Thanks, Ed, yes, agreed, I have checked out her pages a few times. There's some more like that too on Deviant.
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wowww, i love both steampunk girls!! i love the overall shape of this girl's body, but one thing i find a little distracting is the definition of her collarbone/upper chest, it looks a bit masculine.
otherwise, SO freaking lovely <3
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Yeah, I could soften it a bit easily, I see that. Collarbones are probably routinely photoshopped when pics are taken of pretty ladies, models, etc. Thanks!
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This is absolutely amazing. If I saw this in a gallery of someone who only draws pretty girl, I'd say it's perfect, but coming from someone whose main strength is architectural drawing, I just don't know what to say.

I'm working my ass off just to learn to draw pretty girls this well! ;)
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It took me a couple years to understand body proportions, facial expressions, etc, and a little more to get it all right. I made a lot of drawings. Now I'm going back and adding color, one at a time to the best ones, which doesn't take long, but getting fleshtones right is very tricky with watercolor. Keep at it.
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