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Scenic Overlook

Sketch for a village on high ground. Each home site has gardens and light agriculture with plenty of outbuildings, added on to over time. Other parts of village are down below in the valley and going up the road in the background to even higher ground. 

Pencil to paper, about 7 inches by 10 inches or a little less than A4 size, on cream paper. Lightly tweaked and manipulated with GIMP software.

File Updated 3/21/2019
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I love how you draw landscape
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Thanks. Keep it mellow, a little hazy in background, with a few detailed buildings up front.
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So detailed, love it!
I just...

I blinked and I could have sworn there was a resemblance to the "Berenstain Bears" cottage/house with that featured building.

Weird... but cool. :heart:
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HMMM where is that? Couldn't find it on web.
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Clap Clap Clap 
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Outstanding! Very quaint...would love to spend the day there.
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Nice work as always. :)

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Thank you sir, hope all is well.
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It is. Busy with commissions.
Is this one for a client? or just for pleasure?
I was curious if you had gotten into more work with entertainment/game clients lately.
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Nah just for sketching/loosening up, doing a lot of real architectural design these days, including houses WAY up north in Canada, with super insulating requirements and special building methods. I don't really have the last 6-8 months of new home designs posted here on Deviant. There's a whole bunch of designs in the works, small cottage, Tudor styles, a narrow townhouse/TND, and more. On and off still working on several books including Castles and Villages. Just got back from upstate NY/PA/VT trip by the're in PA I think?
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Yeah. I'm in central PA.
I used to be over in northern NJ.
Used to be able to go hiking up in NY state every week.
That was great.

I really need to find some time soon for a trip.
Probably another visit up to Maine and Acadia.
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We were in Bradford/oil country, then the finger lakes area, totally beautiful. Amazing how pristine a lot of America still is.
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I agree. A lot of the world is still very untouched.
Driving in Pa, NY, VT, Maine, even much of northern NJ, particularly the west side you see mostly untouched woods.
When I was down in NC, i'd drive through SC, NC, Virginia, WV, Tennessee...
much of that was untouched woods as well.

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Eastern U.S. has logged several times many patches of forest, then it grows back. To people in China, we have plenty of land left to expand onto, untouched in their eyes.
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Every time I see one of your illustrations, I wish I lived in that place.
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I couldn't agree with this statement more!
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