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This little hamlet/village is a small center for wine, specialty foods, and a few artisans. There's a small plaza to the right with a fountain, and various small shops and homes scattered about along the main road. Side roads lead to some of the vineyards and wineries in the area. The mesa up top will eventually feature a Mediterranean villa/castle with a distinct Italian emphasis.

I drew all the roof material as the same color to unify the roofscape. Exteriors have some stucco finishes, in white and tan, and maybe a little brick and stone. Small streams and waterfalls can be found throughout.

Technique: A pencil sketch on toned paper. I use Canson paper and cut it to size to fit in a binder easily. Pencils include 2H to 2B. I used white and terra cotta red watercolor to add accents. This kind of limited palette gives a nice effect, emphasizing the beautiful and varied roofscape. Finally, I added a few details and accents with a Micron brown ink pen with a very fine tip.

Note: ground plan added recently, with some general dimensions and emphasis on the beautiful tile roofscape.

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Interesting draw with a Tuscan(?) style village.
Youìre a very talented artist. :D
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Yeah, I have a lot of the small buildings drawn up as detail sketches in my sketchbook, this will be in my book upcoming...Just got back from Italy in September too, very nice...
I repeat what i said yesterday, you really have a lot of talent and I can not wait to see your other works. See eachother again.
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Beautiful, and beautifully drawn! Is this intended to be understated, or was this a work in progress?
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Nah, I like 'em like this, might do a bit extra or might just leave it. Puts emphasis on the red roofs.
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It amazes me to see stuff like this because I am so utterly terrible at backgrounds and just, constructing places and buildings or anything that isn't a character that seeing something so perfectly crafted is truly stunning.
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Thanks for kind words, just practice and practice!
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Omg I love it!
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What is the tunnel under the village for?
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River and/or dry creek. The one on the left might be a little bit problematic because of space between those two buildings.
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I thought it might be a mine or a crypt.
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HMMMM I visited some mines in Montana recently, but straight shafts into the ground.
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Captivated.. beautiful work.
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This is lovely. There are countless
variations of this to see in San Francisco
...and a few in Los Angeles...
There is more variety in the neighborhoods
of Frisco, then in any city in the US,
and perhaps the world... 
but....Frisco's parks need improvement...
Are there any parks in your villages?
I think the British parks are the best in the world least the cleanest and well-groomed...mostly....
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Yes went to San Fran a few yrs ago, very nice clean city, great variety of architecture, loved Golden Gate park.
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WOW! It is awesome work, really liked it. =)
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Your image is great.  Your write-up is wonderful; thank you for including it.
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No prob, glad you enjoyed, there's more material on this village already done now, will be shown later... 
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Oh wow; this is beautiful! I would love to go somewhere like this. :)
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