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Jungle Research Outpost

A fantasy/experimental architectural solution, features "bow-roof" architecture, which can be made (in the real world) with wood laminated frames or perhaps curved steel members. Lower foundation level in monumental stone or stone/concrete. Architecture features many influences, you can study it and see for yourself what you think! 
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Beautiful work!
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This is incredible! :V I love these rooftops, and all the balconies. Amazing work!

Out of curiosity, do you ever do commission work?
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I do some small commissions depending on schedule, yes.
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Might I be able to get a quote? I'm searching for options for environment commissions for a future project and I'm just trying to assemble prices from different folks to see what I might be looking at...
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This! Is wonderful. Love the style of this. Would be a great place to visit on quest.
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This reminds me of the jungle house that used to be in Disneyland, between the Jungle boat ride and the Pirates of the Caribbean. I still recall it's furniture was mostly bamboo, cobbled together with a lot of "found items" from some very nice shipwrecks.  
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Thi is really beautiful.
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I prefer Triangular Roofs, but This is very nice. Viking-like.
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And from a building standpoint, much easier to build roof rafters from straight materials, hence "triangular" roof.
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This really reminds me of Rivendell, from Lord of the Rings.  I know it's not really the correct setting, but the style and architecture are what I always imagined from the books!  Love it :love: 
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Yeah somebody else said same thing. There's a picture of that by another artist, has similar features, not the same of course. I never saw it until earlier today.
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This deserves to be studied! Thanks for sharing. I love the style and the detail
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Study away! Have fun.
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I wanna live here
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I love this. Can I use this picture as a visual for a role playing game?
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Sure, as long as you credit me. Are you just using for a private session or you wanting to put it on the web or something? If it's a private session, no problem.
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Thank you! It's for a private game. I'm running a campaign that takes place in a fantasy world with no continents, only an archipelago that spans from pole to pole. 
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