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House 326

Latest version of House Plan #326, a storybook cottage. Perspective sketch in pencil, hand-drawn, of course, and 3D model of interior by me, shows the unique courtyard format with rear-located garage.

This house is officially under development for a client in Pittsburgh, pretty much as-is with minor changes. In fact, the reflecting pond and hot tub are his ideas! I like it, easy living, the good life! There will be a strong music theme to the home as well, including a grand piano up front.

As for second floor, we will get a loft bedroom over the left side of the front of the house, with a fully-vaulted ceiling over the living area. Might put a third bedroom in back some where with additional stairs, we will see. Might also call the study a "bedroom."

File updated on 4-22-2017, Enjoy! 

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Experts can offer repairs or replacements to bring it back to life if your existing wall is damaged or beginning to look worn. For example, a fence with significant gaps between wooden bars is unlikely to be a good dog fence or one that provides privacy. On the other hand, a wrought iron fence might appeal to a Victorian home but is really out of place in a modern mansion. A millboard decking would be perfect here

I absolutely love the look of this house. What kind of layout could the upstairs possibly have? I don't know the elevations from all directions, so I'm having a hard time imagining what shape the upstairs footprint can look like.

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Loft bedroom over the left portion of main cottage, open vault over living area. Possible space over master wing, depends on plan. I've done two very different plans for this for two different clients. Contoured/sloped ceilings on second floor are very challenging to deal with, space is "tight" and critical.

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I agree with you. Such a romantic view. I can paint, but near as good as the author here.

Are there any drawings or renderings of the upstairs?
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Yes, 3D model graphics, sec floor plan, for this version, and also for another smaller version.
Will you be able to,post a pick of the Pittsburgh Home when it isn’t completed? Love your designs.?
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Yes but not sure when and if that will happen, nothing being built yet, but yes, I will get pics. However, there is yet another inquiry for House 326 concept underway about two hours from me in North Carolina, new client. We are doing yet another version of the floor plan, but preserves the "front" of the house. Let's see where we go with this one.
Was this ever completed in Pittsburgh?  I'd love to see options for additional bedroom(s) on second floor.  Beautiful design.
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Client has to sell his house first, so, no, not started, BUT, I have another client in Western North Carolina that is starting design on another version of it.
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Nothing over the garage?
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Indeed, there might be. Need stairs somewhere though. I have a client involved now so it's up to him.
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Thank You. You realize that this amount of detail drawing allows for making a 3d model, say, in Blender 3D. ( ). Oh, I see you do. Your work looks like you should or have work/worked for/at Disney.
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reidhb, check file again, just re-did it with a 3D interior layout model.
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House 326 WAS already done as 3D model, and rendered as a "snowy cottage," beautiful night/snow scene by a young man in Ukraine, working for a company, which I think he apparently parted ways with. I don't have it posted here on Deviant. This house gets more attention and requests than any other. I did work for Wizards last year (just published: Ravenloft, Curse of Strahd,) not done anything for Disney yet, but my eyes and ears are open to it.
I need to get in contact with you about this plan and possibly creating some others. I need to visit about an actual set of build plans from you or what you have available to build from. I am very new to Deviant art and do not know how to get in touch with you other than this messageing. In fact the only reason I signed up is to get in touch with you. My daughter has an account here Midnight Soiree.
Happy that it is small. Maybe only one bedroom upstairs.
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But then it had that huge garage..
This is a great design. I am actualy inking about a development of this style of homes. About how many sq ft do you think are in this home?
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Depends on final layout, and second floor, but it's quite small, maybe 2000-2500 SF I would say. This is a highly unusual floor plan layout. Nobody's really building anything like this yet.
How much would it cost to build a house like this? It's so beautiful! 
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