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House 170 Mountain Lodge

Sketch concept for a new design, House 170, mountain chalet or lodge, estimated budget maybe 2-3 million dollars, with some curved and eccentric angled roofs, deep overhangs, stone foundation, storybook cottage influence as well as German/North European late 19th century influences, and, of course, Frank Furness, American architect. Garage connection to right. Plan is drawn to scale at 1/16" = one foot. Entire drawing on a single piece of 8"x11" (A4) graytone paper, primarily drawn with 2H and HB Koh-I-Noor Pencils, keep 'em sharp! Good example of a design presentation on a single book page (for my upcoming book,) express as much as possible on one page with written description of rest of plan.
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What a beautiful lodge ...
I love it!
By chance, you would not have other views or plans of this beautiful house ... I would like to redo it on an architecture software. I spend my free time creating houses of different styles, from the modern to the middle ages ... I study in the building, and your drawing and your plans really interest me.
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No, just a "conceptual" view, no other plans for it really...
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Ok, thanks anyway, I will try to imagine the rest of the house to build it. It should be interesting ...
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Very nice plan. :D
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Many welcomes. :D
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cant wait to see the book when it comes out!
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Long term but working at it weekly when I can.
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I'm a second year architecture student and you have no idea how good it feels seeing this level of care and craftmansship in an architectural presentation!

/A huge admirer
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Yes thanks, it takes some time to acquire the skills, but well worth it in my opinion. All architecture students should practice sketching daily in my opinion. Pencil to paper only.
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love those rooflines!
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Yes, thanks, that was the point of the exercise, to experiment with more audacious rooflines, stuff that is more challenging and expensive to build.
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I like your drawings for houses. They kind of make me travel, because each one is special. My mom works with an achitect who works with a computer and never draws a sketch, I think it's such a pity ! 
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And design suffers when you don't get some sketches done in beginning. You can't really design easily on a computer. It's great for later in the planning process.
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In Sims3 is difficult to build :з
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Yes rounded roofs and other rounded features not easy to do. Too much sculptural!
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Now that looks like a lovely place to visit!
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Yes, sure helps to have the mountain range in back. I'll go get my skis.
Beautiful work!
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I absolutely love this house.  The flow from the kitchen to the dining room to the great room is exactly what I want!  Do you plan to draw a second floor?  We need four bedrooms upstairs, but I don't know that this would be big enough for that.  Your work is amazing!  Thank you for sharing it with us!
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This sketch was an experiment to try out more outrageous roof shapes! It would be challenging to build. Not sure if I would want to develop this one any further, but a simpler version of it could easily be done. I saw from your profile that you might be looking for custom plans. Send me an email at and describe what you are looking for, rough budget, description and size of the land. 
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Gorgeous and somewhat whimsical. I only wish there were houses near me like that...
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