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Contact Email: beauregard.francois@yahoo.com

Francois "Fran" Beauregard

Beauregard Residential Design

I am a residential designer of custom homes, an illustrator, and an architect of all kinds of traditional buildings, both "real" structures like luxury private homes and imaginary, for games and novels. I also do "obsolete transportation" design, alternative fashion design (especially steampunk,) and landscape/environment design. I also build quite a lot of things, shelves, furniture, cabinets, architectural components, and interior renovations. I am completely self-taught.

Unlike the majority of architectural designers now, and many younger artists and illustrators, I rely exclusively on pencil and paper to express a new building design. Virtually all my floor plans, elevations, cross sections, and three-dimensional "perspective" portraits of buildings are hand-drawn. I am also a huge proponent of "traditional" architecture. Those buildings which have stood the test of time are exceedingly beautiful, timelessly enduring, profoundly well-built and highly functional, and they are where my inspirations and construction techniques come from.

I DO accept limited commissions to design buildings of all forms and types, both fantasy and real, including fantastic houses, spectacular castles, detailed villages, map/plans with landscapes, and more, in any historic style of your choice, or, I can invent a new style! I have received dozens of commissions from this website alone, including real architectural work, custom home design, website illustrations for builders, novel illustrations, virtual building designs for games, and book covers for novels, and the commission requests continue.

Viewers of my drawings and designs may learn from them, be inspired by them, or use them as a basis for something more involved. I am not possessive and share freely. If you would like to make a 3D model or other artwork based on something in my gallery, feel free, I love seeing how other people interpret what I draw. Just be sure to send me a note during progress or when you are done, and credit me as the designer, that's all!

Also, if you are interested in watercolors, digital art, and drawings of traditional architecture, both existing historic structures and original designs of all kinds, be sure to check out my group, Classic-Architecture!

Recent concept design and illustration work:

Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, U.S. : Ravenloft "Curse of Strahd" and "Waterdeep" city, multiple assignments in 2015 and 2016, architecture, windmill, wagons, etc., for internal concept art, and print. Many line-art illustrations, including some detailed cutaways, were printed in the successful "Curse of Strahd" adventure book. These include "Ezmerelda's Wagon," "The Bonegrinder Windmill," and "Van Richten's Tower," as well re-drawing (with additions) the entire original main castle map. (Colored by another guy!)

"Curse of Strahd" continues to sell well and is being actively played all over the world.

Several Game Companies, China: Concept design, unusual landscapes, and unique architecture for a prospective game designs

Flurry the Bear, Series of Books: Many designs for castles, villages, unusual landscapes, architecture, color added later by other artists.

Dozens of other small assignments for concept design/castles/more, mostly for novels, including city plans, overall views and maps, individual buildings, unusual conceptual designs for game environments, etc.

Current Residence: South Carolina, U.S.

Operating System: Pencil

Favourite Movies
Doctor Strangelove
Tools of the Trade
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Hey folks, I'm making available a plan sheet for House 326. This is for "Version 3," a plan I developed for a client a few years ago based on the original House 326 Storybook Cottage concept. It keeps the original courtyard concept intact, with the inner courtyard developed as a small dog sanctuary with doggie doors built into one or two exterior doors. Square footage was very compact. Unusual arrangement, including screen porch location was to take advantage of specific mountain views. Exterior planned as either stucco OR hardiboard siding. I get a lot of requests for plans for House 326! Let's try this out. Main plan sheet at 24"x 36" has all the main design drawings with main dimensions, as well as brief description of construction methods. If printed out, plans and elevations are at scale 1/8" = one foot. There's also a second bonus sheet with a nice front elevation sketch showing the hardiboard option, and an interior wall/cross section. This sheet good for 8"x11" print out.
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By the way I started up an Instagram account to keep up with some folks who are on Instagram a lot. Here's the site: https://www.instagram.com/bilt4ever/ I'll be posting some familiar stuff and some not so familiar stuff. Emphasis on small "bite-size" sketches and such that are better suited for small screens on I-phones.
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House 321 Side Garage, video animation, 1:15 mini-movie features first floor, sec floor, roof, move to front, then sweep around entire exterior. I'm adding music now to these videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBaRn6NNsOU This is my main Youtube page now with ten videos uploaded, most 20-40 seconds, a few longer, all house designs and a few neighborhoods. They're all sketchup animations. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiF2wb2eqHMsAL7vSEHnbOQ?view_as=subscriber
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Are you currently open for/accepting commissions?

Classic-Architecture | DeviantArt

can you guys display the affiliates widget on your pagepls !

ArsMilitaria | DeviantArt

Pls considering doing some military historic architecture (castles etc.) This style of you seems perfect. I will feature those in my group ArsMilitaria | DeviantArt

I've got some beauties in my sketchbooks, but I'm holding them back for now.

Hi there, Do you know how to make a pirate ship in 3D?

I could try it but it's complicated, VERY complicated. Suggest NOT sketch-up, try Blender or others that are better at sculptural shapes. Good luck!

NICE work on the banner photo! I loved the house designs, just at a glance. The open, "under construction" (I think?) houses on the right side look pretty cool too. Keep it up, man!