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Francois Beauregard
United States
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Francois "Fran" Beauregard
Beauregard Residential Design

I am a residential designer, an illustrator, and an architect of all kinds of traditional buildings, both "real" structures like luxury private homes and imaginary, for games and novels. I also build quite a lot of things, shelves, furniture, cabinets, architectural components, and interior renovations. I am completely self-taught. Unlike the majority of architectural designers now, I rely exclusively on pencil and paper to express a new building design. Virtually all my floor plans, elevations, cross sections, and three-dimensional "perspective" portraits of buildings are hand-drawn. I am also a huge proponent of "traditional" architecture. Those buildings which have stood the test of time are exceedingly beautiful, timelessly enduring, profoundly well-built and highly functional, and they are where my inspirations and construction techniques come from.

I DO accept commissions to design buildings of all forms and types, both fantasy and real, including fantastic houses, spectacular castles, detailed villages, and more, in any historic style of your choice, or, I can invent a new style! I have received a number of commissions from Deviant in the last few months, including real architectural work, website illustrations for a builder, novel illustrations, virtual building designs for games, and a book cover for a novel, and the commission requests continue.

Viewers of my drawings and designs may learn from them, be inspired by them, or use them as a basis for something more involved. I am not possessive and share freely. If you would like to make a 3D model or other artwork based on something in my gallery, feel free, I love seeing how other people interpret what I draw. Just be sure to send me a note during progress or when you are done, and credit me as the designer, that's all!

Also, if you are interested in watercolors, digital art, and drawings of traditional architecture, both existing historic structures and original designs of all kinds, be sure to check out my group, Classic-Architecture!

Recent concept design and illustration work:
Wizards of the Coast, U.S. : Multiple assignments in 2015 and 2016, mostly architectural in nature, for internet and print
Several Game Companies, China: Concept design, unusual landscapes, and unique architecture for a prospective game designs
Flurry the Bear, Series of Books: Many designs for castles, villages, unusual landscapes, architecture, color added later by other artists
Other small assignments for concept design/castles/more, mostly for novels

Current Residence: South Carolina, U.S.
Operating System: Pencil

House 382 Plan Portfolio Test Printing

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 3, 2018, 12:46 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

So Built4ever is test printing his first portfolio book. Finally found the time (made the time?) to finish one of these. This is a small plan collection for House 382, seen elsewhere in the gallery. It's a Tudor style TND traditional neighborhood home for a narrow town lot, 2500 SF two-story home with alley access garage. There are no other plans that I have posted except the link to summary page I am posting. There's a total of 18 pages so far, including a contents/index page up front, along with full color front cover. Pages include: contents, pages 2-5 are full color watercolor portrait and various 3D model views of exterior and interior, pages 6-7 are floor plan and elevation sketches done in small scale 1/16" = one foot, pages 8-11 are basement, first floor, sec floor, and roof plan full construction framing plans executed in scale 1/8" = one foot, (very detailed, you won't generally ever see me posting these types of drawings on the web,) pages 12-14 framing cross sections and solutions in same scale, page 15 wall cross sections in scale 1/4" = one foot and interior door patterns, pages 16-17 are two variants, a larger version and a different garage version, both drawn at scale 1/16" = one foot, and last page facing back cover is another garage variant and a pencil portrait of house 382. 

Almost all of these drawings have never been see. They will provide a prospective builder or client with enough info to build the house, with all interior framing dimensions given, all door and window centers noted and sizes noted, beams called out, HVAC general layout proposed, suggested insulation, on and on. There is NO electric plan, at least not yet.

Results of test print will reveal: did the drawings print in EXACT scale? This is crucial! Also looking for legibility, clarity, good color, etc. After I think about the results, I'll do an improved version with corrections, and quite possibly additional material.

I have not come up with a pricing scheme yet. Keep in mind this type of plan set can be used to build the house. Competing plan sets, usually sold as rolled large size sheets, can sell for anywhere from $700-$1500 and up! This is what a home-owner or builder can expect to pay for a plan set. I have to gauge who is my market for this booklet, and what will the market bear. Also considered doing a super limited first edition, premium paper, hardcover, signed by me and marked with a number, sold at a higher price and collectible, as well as less expensive "regular" copies. 

I'll keep everybody posted on progress. There's more of these portfolios on the way.

House 382 Color Portrait by Built4ever

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows


Rooftops of Fantasy Medieval City
From the sketchbook. Trying to define and leave minimal the cityscape/roofscape of a medieval-esque city, roof forms, shapes, skyline, contrasted with swirling fantasy cloudscape, more design and less reality. Loosening up, getting artistic. Color tone somewhat greyish and a bit bleak.
City of Urna, Overall View
Bird's eye view, City of Urna and surroundings. City built next to cliff with spectacular waterfalls.

Urna's architectural monuments here:
City of Urna, Architectural Monuments by Built4ever
Castle Concepts
Various small quick concept sketches in semi-color to illustrate different types of castles in different settings, cold, temperate, warm, with color tone setting the mood, and various roof geometry (roofscape) and castle architectures.
Scenic Overlook
Sketch for a village on high ground. Each home site has gardens and light agriculture with plenty of outbuildings, added on to over time. Other parts of village are down below in the valley and going up the road in the background to even higher ground. 

Pencil to paper, about 7 inches by 10 inches or a little less than A4 size, on cream paper. Lightly tweaked and manipulated with GIMP software.

File Updated 3/21/2019
Village of Amblewood
Concept sketch for an imaginary village set in a lush forest near some spectacular mountains. Architecture based on many styles. Part of my "Infinite Village" concept and "Castles & Villages" Book in progress.

Technique: Pencil sketch on toned paper, 8 and a half inches by 11 inches, scanned, colors and contrast gently tweaked, and titles added. Possible work in progress, I tend to re-visit these sketches and further define anything that's a little foggy, we'll see. Enjoy!

Note file changed 3-17-2019


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