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A friend of mine found a book with a few problems, I post all of these for the realm owner so about 4 of my next photos will include what the book said and the username. If you wish, help the user but do not harass him / her . Now you may wonder what the big issue is. The issue is that the book ends with "Or I could start griefing." thanks for reading this entry, read the next one to catch up on our cases of Lily and the To Be Griefer.
Hello! I am Budgie I'd like to welcome you to WAR! Now I use this account to post evidence of people who NEED to banned. They've greifed, stolen, lied or more. You can follow the cases as i'll frequently post, keeping you up on the cases that are happening.
Now, to the topic at hand. A girl named Lily joined my friend's realm a while ago. Ever since she joined, she's been trouble. We're trying to get her banned. Tune in next time to see how our case is going.