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Back in the 1960s/70s there was a girl I knew, she was the same age as me and looking back on it, she often stepped out of one shoe, usually her left shoe and was slow in putting it back on, on many occasions someone would grab it and run off with her shoe and she would walk around for an hour or so one shod. Her shoe would often end up hanging in a tree, then it would stay there for a day or two. On this occasion we were in the field after the bailer had been around, we had picked up and piled up the bails to make a castle. Karen climbed on top and her leg slipped down between the bails and when she pulled herself out, her shoe was left behind, she tried to retrieve her shoe, but it was too far down and the bails were too tight to move. So she had no choice but to spend the rest of the day wearing just her right shoe. She was wearing too white knee high socks and one brown lace up shoe with a two inch heel. The following day we all went into the field and was playing on the bails
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One Red Mule

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This is true story that took place back in the 1970s. I had parked up in a multi-storey car park and just got into the lift, just then a red wedged mule came flying in as the doors closed. Since I was the only one in the lift I picked up the mule and put it inside my jacket, the lift stopped at the next floor and some one got in, so I got out and ran up the car ramp to the top floor and I could see her standing next to the lift wearing the other mule. So I ran over to my car and put her mule in the boot, then walked very quickly towards the lifts were she was standing. Just as I got to the lifts as the lift doors opened and she limped in scanning the floor for her missing mule, but it was not there. I also entered the lift and she caught me looking at her feet so she just smiled and tucked her bare foot behind the shod one, she looked a bit embarrassed that I had noticed she had lost right mule. But to my surprise she then said, great start to the day! then laughed and then said, now I
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Little lies from the 1980s

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I was listening to the local radio last week and the subject for the phone in was, have you told a lie and did it back fire on you? The first story was from a woman who a work college often told lies and this time she told one too many. She phoned in to say that she couldn’t come to work because she had been burgled and they had stolen all of her shoes apart from just one that had been dropped as they went out. So since it was raining she didn’t want to get her foot wet, but if it was dry she said she would have come to work wearing her remaining single shoe. When the boss heard that he said phone her back and tell her I’ll I will call round to collect her in about ten minutes, about half an hour later she comes in wearing only her left shoe and not looking very happy. The boss told her he wanted her to do a transcript of some audio tapes in a box on her deck, he said it shouldn’t take you very long and when she has done that you can go and buy herself some new shoes. We could see her
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Wow Thanks for the fave big fan of your work.
Mr. builder1956 sir! Can we count on more Your great one-shoe arts?
Hi, mr. Builder1956. Did You ever think about a Gwen Tennyson from "Ben 10: Alien Force"?
Thanks for the :+fav: on Velma: Jinkies by digitalgil !  Much appreciated.  Here's a :llama:.  If you have the chance, I would love any of your comments on any my deviations you liked or :+fav:ed.
Proud to have you watch my stuff, thanks!
You are welcome.
Thank you very much for joining :icongood-stuff: Looking forward to seeing more of your work!