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Well. It’s been an…. interesting past 36 hours. 

I got off early on Wednesday because all the people on the incoming Princess Emerald suddenly canceled their tours. It had been a long week of 12+ hour days at work, so I was all like: 

Originally posted by avengersmemes

And then we hear via dock gossip that the reason for their sudden cancellation was murder.

The revelation of which probably played out on my face like: 

Basically, the reason everyone on the cruise ship had their pre-booked whale watch tours canceled was because the murder investigation was still underway at that point, so passengers on said cruise were confined to their rooms and unable to leave the boat. 

So needless to say, all the tours people had bought tickets for weren’t gonna happen. 

So I finally get home, fall into bed, and I sleep for almost 2 days straight. I’m not kidding guys. I got in a good 30 hours or so of just sleeping

So in the meantime, while I was zonked out on the couch, said murder story became a national headline. 

Me being me, I slept right through it. 

On other national headline-type news that I missed whilst sleeping:

1. My senator is a fuckin’ BOSS y’all. 

I’ll proudly admit that, despite being as far left-leaning as you can go without toppling off port-side of the politics boat, I voted for Lisa Murkowski back last November. Because:

A. She is a person of integrity and has a record of dissenting from the party line when she feels it’s the right thing to do. Ex: see her shifting position on gay marriage and how the GOP tried to oust her for it. 
B. Joe Miller was probably her main competition in that election and Joe Miller is an extreme shit-turd of a human being. Not even joking: The Alaskan Republican debates a few years back consisted of literally the entire Alaskan Republican legislative body not-so-subtly shitting on Joe Miller for being a sore loser who tried to sue the state because he lost an election/being a racist/just being a terrible person in general. It was MAGICAL). 

So anyways, fair to say that Lisa Murkowski lived up to my expectations for her. :) 

Instead of toeing the party line on health care, she actually went out and spoke to US, her constituents, about our thoughts and concerns regarding the ACA repeal. I don’t always agree with Murkowski on things like industry vs. environmentalism stuff. But never let it be said that she doesn’t care about her constituents. That would be a boldfaced lie. 

So how did the GOP respond to Murkowski standing up for what is best for Alaskans and sticking it to the man? Why, by bullying her into line! Or at least, trying to bully her into line and landing flat on their faces in the attempt. 

The President: supposedly one of the most powerful men in the world mind you, tries to bully Murkowski over twitter. Murkowski, who gives zero fucks about twitter drama is all like, “Lol, get back to work dumbass.” 

And Trump, so broken up to have been ignored on twitter, gets his Secretary of the Interior to call up both of Alaska’s senators to threaten the entire state.

That’s right. The president is so angry at Murkowski for ignoring his mean tweets that he’s willing to, quote, “Put Alaska’s future with this administration in jeopardy.”

This is a lot of things: Shady, unethical, frightening, and also the behavior of a fucking toddler given total power over the livelihood of every person in the state. 

And that’s not even getting into all of the other threats Murkowski has gotten by Republicans other than the president, (you know, for doing her JOB and voting in the best interest of her state). 

Life as a lady politician really doesn’t seem fun. -_-

2. Trump also wants to ban transgender people from the military apparently. 

Like Bro, you are a draft dodging multi-billionaire who refuses to pay taxes. I’m not sure where you get off on calling hard working military service members a “burden.” But boy oh boy is the hypocrisy pungent. 

3. And also apparently, now trump said something about how he wants more police brutality or something? And something-something about the boy scouts?

I honestly have no idea what that’s all about. I just slept for 2 whole days. I’m still trying to get a handle on all the bullshit Trump pulled three days ago. Slow down! 

So yeah. All of this happened while I was at work or asleep. I haven’t checked the news today but I pray that the news is uneventful. 

Oh yeah. Did I mention that I've been busy? 

I haven't logged in since about April I think. So if folks have been waiting on a response from me, well... that's my excuse.
 Rose sweatdrop  

So anyway: here's a bullet summary of all the things that have been happening since April. Most of which I meant to write journal entries about but never got around to. 

1. Being offered an internship at the bird treatment center I was volunteering at. Being subsequently torn up about whether to accept (thereby letting down a lot of really awesome people at my workplace in Juneau) or deny (thereby letting down a lot of really awesome people at the bird treatment center).

2. Deciding to honor my obligations to awesome Juneau people and heading back to Juneau. This time via road trip and ferry rather than airplane. Many shenanigans ensue, including:
      • Missing the turn to Tok (seriously, there is ONE ROAD. How did we manage to screw this up???) and ending up taking a 3 hour detour through Delta Junction. 
      • My mom booking a hotel in White Horse where we could spend the night. Apparently, she was going off memories of childhood road trips she took with her own family, but without consulting a map. We had tickets for the ferry that ports in Haines. It just so happens that White Horse is in no way shape or form on the way to Haines. It's on the way to Skagway, which is another town that the ferry also happens to dock at. 
      • We ended up sleeping in the car at the very top of a mountain. We couldn't turn on the heat because we were running low on gas; (Always a good thing in the middle of the mountains where your cell phones won't work because Canada). It was a rather cold and uncomfortable night to say the least. Laughing
3. Getting to meet up with my best friend who was visiting from Fairbanks.
She had some snarky things to say when she heard about my road trip endeavors. Her parting gift to me was a road map containing some sassy handwritten notes. :P

4. A cool new roommate who I'd like to spend more time with but haven't had the chance to because our schedules conflict dramatically. 

5. Getting to meet Ray Troll. Who's one of those artists you feel like you've grown up knowing because his work is so iconic of/common in the environment in which you grew up in. So it's neat that I got to meet him in person. He's a really cool dude. If you ever get a chance to meet him, you should! He's got a genuine love of science and an awesome sense of humor.
  •   Said sense of humor is something the Hells Angels clearly lack. Ray Troll at one point had a cute T-shirt, with a cute joke along the lines of "Hells Anglers." This pissed off said biker gang SO MUCH that they started breaking into stores selling the t-shirt. This eventually caused said shirt to be pulled from inventories. 
6. My younger sister moving to stay with her boyfriend and get ready to start at Edinburgh to earn Masters degree in anthropology. The day after she arrives in London the London Bridge terror attacks happen. 

7. Literally anything that involves politics because holy shit. 

And well, this is all I can think of at the moment. I think I hit all the major highlights, but yeah, Lots going on lately. 

Anyone else had wacky misadventures the past couple of months? 

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Me, Flyinkit, and a lot of our mutuals seem to have had our content stolen by this site. Check to make sure that they didn’t steal your art too. 😣
I know I haven't been active here, but I did just find out three images of mine were totally stolen by

Because nothing motivates art like it getting stolen and then undervalued. 

Check your nym over there, if you dare. 


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