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I'd like to say that "Tastes Like Heresy" is not dead, and is not even on hiatus. It is, in fact, being actively worked on between reading updates of other people's amazing stories and rushing to meet homework deadlines for college. I won't promise the next chapter being finished by next week, but it is moving along and I like what I've written so far. After I write this chapter, I'll be getting to Amber Spice telling us all how she actually got herself banished from Unicornia. It involves false modesty, filthy mud ponies, and Amber Spice having a big mouth.

The chapter I'm working on right now, though, involves some art that will need to be completed before I ship it to Fimfiction. In the past I've either drawn my own (like the cover art or the survival knife in chapter 3) or someone has volunteered to do some art for me (like the picture in chapter 5 that the wonderful Bemmo so helpfully drew for me). I've got two pictures I want for my next chapter, and it's not getting posted until they're done, one way or another. I'm definitely drawing one of them myself (Amber Spice's Coat of Marks), but I'm open to someone else doing a family portrait for her. It would include Amber Spice, her mother Amber Draft, her father Golden Brown, and her little brother Sepia Tone. You haven't met the last guy yet, but he's adorable. Anyone who's interested in drawing them all in front of The Amber Mare Tavern can comment here or PM me for details like color palettes and such.

It'll still get done regardless of whether I do it or somebody else volunteers, but it may get done faster and accelerate the next chapter's release if someone else wants to draw it. You'd get credited for it immediately below where it's posted within the chapter, like how it worked with Bemmo's pic. Or in some other way if that's what floats your boat.

If all goes well, you'll see chapter 6 before the end of February.
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