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Last Laugh - Ponyfinder Bone Pony Pegasus

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Last Laugh is a pegasus (obviously) and a bone pony (less obviously).

Bone ponies, or ponies from the Tribe of Bones in Ponyfinder, worship a relatively friendly death goddess. They revere their ancestors, and have a complicated relationship with the undead. They're fine with the free-willed kind, but they consider mindless or enthralled undead to be abominations.

As for Last Laugh himself, he's a bard with ranks in perform (comedy) and a thing for "You might be a zombie" jokes. His cutie mark (or brand of destiny, as Ponyfinder puts it) is a ruptured whoopee cushion. Last Laugh firmly believes that the current life everyone is living isn't the important one; it's the next life that really matters. Accordingly, he has trouble taking ponies safety, circumstances, and stati seriously. While he doesn't take much in the world seriously, he does care about having and sharing a good time. He'd make every effort to cheer up a friend by pointing out how frivolous everything here is. He does think the world is a nice place, and plans to visit whenever he can once he kicks the bucket.

A quote from him: "Matters of life and death? And here I thought you wanted to talk about something serious."

This was vectored entirely in Ponyscape, which is my favorite (if apparently defunct) Inkscape fork.

Ponies belong to Hasbro, Ponyfinder and bone ponies belong to Silver Games LLC.

You're free to use this image or character for whatever. Just ask me first, and then link me to whatever you make of it and credit me.
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What's his alignment?
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bugsydorHobbyist Digital Artist
Probably chaotic neutral or chaotic good, as he has no respect for the rules and traditions most cling to, while he still has good will for ponies in general.