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Applejack's special brew

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With the season 6 premiere starting tomorrow, what's best than having a little festivity with some good old, apple juice..... Yep :D (Big Grin) 
I'll be pretty busy celebrating my birthday to watch the premiere live (it's on the same day how crazy is that!)

I'll watch it later at 1080P on Youtube like I always do.

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Somepony lay Fluttershy down. Please!
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goodbrony Artist
:icondemomanplz: oh i must be drunk again.....
(Proceeds to chug the whole barrel)
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They're trying to see who can drink the most before passing out. Twilight's catching up. 
Kalenz123's avatar
While I think Rainbow to be quite the hardened drinker I dont see how she can keep up with an immortal Alicorn XD
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Next morning: 

twilight sparkle (sleep) plz MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Sleepy Tired Drowsy 
Rainbow Dash (yawn) plz Rd slap Icon  T-Twilight? why are we on the same bed?
GIF My Little Pony - Idk what to call this... 
Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote 
Fluttershy (yawn) plz good morning girls... Fluttershy :I emote Scared Fluttershy Oh-oh m-my
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
RD must win in every challenge :D But Twi want cach up!

Grate and funny art :)

edit: Wait! Shy out after two?? :O
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Mini-WolfsbaneHobbyist General Artist
Awww! Great work!
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brandonthebeast34Hobbyist General Artist
Cute work:) this why I love our fandom:iconbrohoofplz: 
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BugplayerHobbyist Digital Artist
Ponies are such an adorable creature to draw, no wonder why there's so much of it.
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I'd fav this art but I don't like drunk ponies (and drunk people too, imagine how they look for another around — I see it every day).
Anyway, your style is amazing and I wrote this just because I like anything in this art except plot (story).
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BugplayerHobbyist Digital Artist
That's totally fine, I'm still really glad for your feedback :)
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This will ends into a very awkward morning.

Wonderful work
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oak-tailHobbyist Artist
Rainbow's had seven, twi's had six, and fluttershy passed out while drawing her second hash mark. Lol
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GeljadoHobbyist General Artist
'Don't forget a comment!' ? well..to cute!
attillatubby's avatar
fluttershy can't handle it
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VengefulStrudelHobbyist Digital Artist
What a birthday present that must be, eh? :P Seems like Twi and Dashie there are having a drinking game, heh. Great work as usual, hehe~
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
I guess you can consider it your birthday gift, heh.
Nice picture.
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maripooh13Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope the season premier will be amazing, that'd be a nice birthday gift :) If not, well I'll visit you and we'll eat epic grilled cheese! I am a dummy! 
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BugplayerHobbyist Digital Artist
Well do both :D
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A beautiful pic! :heart:
DracoSedentis's avatar
Hehe my birthday is tomorrow too!  Totally awesome Bday premier! Hahah  Happy B-Day!
Bugplayer's avatar
BugplayerHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy B-Day then haha
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