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Conky semi-transparent

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A clean and minimalistic conky config.
Supports only 1024x600 resolution. Though the width part is tricky, script can be easily adapted for any screen resolution (i guess :3).
Wallpaper is A trip to wonderland by ~secroit.
Also, Zekton and StyleBats fonts are needed for this to work.
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cant make it work, y copy the two files on my /home
and conky doesnt show itself well.
i only can see a black line a cross the screen and two little white lines that i guess are the division with the clock, calendar and system (on the conky theme)... guess is something wrong with the W and H of the conky theme... but i dont know how to change them. :(

(sorry, my first language is not english, so any ortography fault, my apologies)
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the problem was caused by the lines of the music player

now I get this "sh: 1: gcal: not found"
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i get this message:
Conky: MPD error: problems getting a response from "localhost" on port 6600 : Connection refused
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how to apply it..???

the conkyrc is in home but the draw_bg.lua ....???

show me the way
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It should be in the same dir as conkyrc.
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so just put it in home..??? or how..??
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Put both files in your user's home folder.
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i did and viola...!! see the result [link]

ur conky just show a black line..how to slove it..??
my resolution is 1366x768
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Check if you are running only 1 instance of conky. If so, try to disable windows compositing.
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but window compositing and visual effect are disable
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Can't really say what is wrong. I've long since sold my linux netbook, neither do i have this OS on desktop to test conky config again. It's quite obsolete, if you ask me.
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Lovely :D
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awesome conky, the font is............................fucking awesome:la:
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very nice setup ...
maybe you could use the ${goto} variable instead of so mamy ${offset} , it may be easier to adapt to other resolutions and could be adapted to other fonts too ;)
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73LL0Hobbyist Interface Designer
Terrific! I'll be featured in #Galaxy-GUI, #Linux-Lounge and #Conky-Artists-Group
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how do I install this?... Do I have to type in the terminal: conky -c ~/path/to/conkyrc
Or is it something else?
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Copy these files to your user's home folder, I guess conky reads conkyrc from there by default.
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SG-CyraxHobbyist Artist
looks very nice.
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