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[WoC] Dragon Hunters

for :iconworld-of-colderra:

*PART 2 OPEN!* Dragon winter show 2019exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point PART 2 OPENED! Scroll down for all info!exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point 
Both parts will be judged after 29th February!
This year back to the cold'n snow on Dragon Island. Also for big ol' fethertails ONLY!
But! No more passive lookin pretty dragons. Get fearsome, get furious. Get armor and be a frickin DRAGON RIDERS!
Hope this will work, becaue in my head it seems to get pretty epic xD
Battle show only for FEATHERTAILED DRAGONS.

This event has 2 parts. But 2nd part is sort of twist and suprise, so will be opened at 31st January, at same moment

Entry for PART 2
Dragon: Azelot 
Handler: Algain

It's HERE!
Oh my goodness, how long this took me to finish...
Speaking of which, I am so sorry to finish it late but I really did what I could ^^"

Long time no arpg comic!
Admin of this event was joking the secret Part 2 would come nicely as a comic. And that triggered me.
The last arpg comic I did was in 2017 and I miss it.
And so, making this, was giving me lovely nostalgic vibes.


Featured characters:
Zutani by TheChotta 
Ciara by Tila-art

(*) Einar was saying almost the same sentence to Algain in Battle with Demons
"Man, I've never seen anyone to fight demons like that."

And so it counts as the second time Algain embarrassed himself infront of the king Einar xD

Did you catch that Gandalf reference? xD

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Irsibil's avatar
Nemůžu se na tom přestat smát XD Ten závěr to zabil XD
AmaranthineRain's avatar
This was awesome! :happybounce:
Jesusfeathers's avatar
Well done! Seriously though, you are quite skilled when it comes to humanoid anatomy, so few artists have I seen that show such excellence with a challenging format as this! The dragons and gryphons as well, so accurately sleek! I guess horses are not the only thing you can draw well ^v^
prte1's avatar
Až teď *po přečtení komentářů, jak jinak že prtě?* jsem si všimla, jak Nairin chňapla Azelota x'DDDD :'D *ohledně Gandalfa přemýšlím, která scéna, ale řekla bych s Einarem? To mi něco připomíná* :D

Uuu Azelot is growing so fast QuuuQ
L-MASTER's avatar
oreana's avatar
That's such a cool selection of characters, and it's so nice to see them all again after a while. :heart:
It has the same flare and humor as the comics past, and I really enjoyed it. I can only imagine how long this took you.. x-x; Excellent work.
Cynysi's avatar
Whoa! One of the best dragon comic's I ever seen! GREAT!
Nerissien's avatar
Mah Soul like a shiny carrot knight on mighty psychadelic dragon steed....I think I've fainted.  My life is complete..Tight Hug 

Gandalf zabil :DDDD But you made it! YAAAY La la la la Clap and it´s so perfect Love   
Tila-art's avatar
That's... freaking awesome! :D 
trochu sem prošvihla deadline :D
Nicooriia's avatar
This looks amazing! 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
oh, taky jsem původně měla myšlenku na komix, ale toto... to je fakt něco :D vedle toho by byl můj pokus nudná nuda, komixy vůbec neumím a o to větší obdiv ^^ super, moc jsem se pobavila :D
Memuii's avatar
Úplne best! :D 
CharleetheCat-Bat's avatar
I saw the title and i just immediately went "if they do ANYTHING to Azzy I WILL FIGHT >8C" 
but man! I could imagine how long this took you! This came out great, Bughsii!! 

and I did give a snort at the gandalf reference, was expecting him to just fall XD 
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
Ahaahhhh thats aweeeesome!! :D
And Azelot is so cute!
Azraelangelo-photo's avatar
Fly you fools! XD Inak pecka. Toto ma bavilo a aj pobavilo. Toľko charov a celkom vtipné :D Veľa zaujímavých momentov... jak sa ten griffon zmenil na jednorožca :D
The-Svantanon-Archiv's avatar
I haven't been following this character's story, but now I really want to.  This was fantastic! :dummy:
Efirende's avatar
So dem epic!
Lol, I laughted so much on how Nairín holds Azelot ... and Einar´s chat with Algain ... pure gold xD Poor Algain :D
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