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[WoC] Colderrian GrandPrix 2019 ~ Like on a Hunt


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 Colderrian GPX 2019

The sound of a starting bell made all the legs run.
"Ahrraa! Ahrraa!" could be heard between all the loud stomping and splashing of feet of all kinds through muddy racing ground.
It was Armitar encouraging his mountain cat Aika to run faster while he was trying to get into some comfortable position between other competitors.
Between all the racing horses around, Armitar giggled in his mind that with his mountain cat in the middleit almost looks like he's on a hunt.
Bughs and Algain were behind the fence to see the start and cheer.
Waving flag of Farrosian Moravia stables they were watching all racing animals to quickly dissapear in the distance.
Drunk Veleslav next to other cheering and clapping watchers hiccuped and yelled "Happy Birthday!"

Race: Classic Steeplechace (minor race)
  • Reg. number: 5
Rider: Armitar
Mount: Aika
  • Breed: mountain cat
  • Reg. card: Aika ID
  • Points: 100 = Excelent lv. 2 /+1EP (without counting newest art by others due to this event)
Arrival picture: -not yet-
Training picture: -not yet-

Extra points:

Jeez, that took me LONG. But I didn't want to rush it. I wanted to see how I improved since the last time I participated this event with these two participants. And that was in 2016.
Unfortunatelly illness got me in the middle of it and I foolishly thought the early deadline for extra points is 20th of September so here I am finishing the picture as I could  I think I've fainted.

Good luck to you all guys and thank you so much for drawing my characters in your entries! 
Come to get me 
- Armitar and Aika
[WoC] Colderrian grandPrix 
- Armitar and Aika
Muddy ride - Bughs, Algain, Armitar and Aika
[Colderrian GP] Go go! 
- Armitar and Aika
Colderra GPX 2019 Steeplechase Waterfall - Armitar and Aika

On fire! 
- Sweez
Pitfight - Armitar, Bughs, Algain and Sweez (and Margarette xD)

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Guy on the right kinda overexhausted from the cheering? :)
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ahh thank you so much for featuring my team!
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You are most welcome :3
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
tohle je naprosto úžasný ;w; barvičky a stínování a... no znáš to, všechno :D :heart:
jo a aspoň mi bude kůň běžet rychlejc, když bude mít za zadkem kočku :D
A Veleslav je nejlepší :D
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Aww děkuju moc ;v; 
:D hahah! Třeba jo!
Veleslav: Kdo že jsem? ... A kde to jsem?

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Awww thank you ♥
Elicy-Meykan's avatar
You’re welcome~😊
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wonderFULL O.O
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Thanks a lot!
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