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[WoC] Aika ID

for :iconworld-of-colderra:

Name: AIKA
Breed: mountain cat
Line: Ika (jumper)
Gender: female
Age: 5yrs

Color: dust, blue
Markings: bossom, spotted, stripped, scar, socks
Perks: ---

Owner: BUGHS-22
Rider: Armitar

    Star Ranking: Elite 3rd Class lv.3 /+2EP
    Star Points: 127 / +1lv.

Reference image: you're here /5 points
Official registration: [WoC] Aika / Registration /5 points
Original design: Custom cat 7
  • Competitions
competition picture:
[WoC] Catching Helysarc Speed /5pts, fullbody/5pts, detailed shading/4pts, background/2pts, story/3pts, 2nd place/2pts
[WoC] Like on a Hunt 
/5pts, fullbody/5pts, detailed shading/4pts, background/2pts, 1st place/3pts (+1lvl)


[WoC] Aika CgpX Training /1pts, fullbody/5pts, simple shading/3pts
  • At home
other pics:
Aika expressions test / 2pts, portrait/9x3pts, simple shading/3pts
ARPG doodles /2pts, portrait/2x3pts, fullbody/2x5pts, flat colors/2pts
Bored Aika /2pts, half body/4pts, simple shading/3pts

    girl + boy Breeding: ask me first
- Available Slots 9/10
    1) Siatra (breed. pic.)
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Flora-Tea's avatar
She's so beautiful! :heart:
BUGHS-22's avatar
Flora-Tea's avatar
Iguruwashi's avatar
Beautiful! Love her expression :D
BUGHS-22's avatar
Thank you very much ^v^
markytanka's avatar
je přenádherná :love:
BUGHS-22's avatar
Děkuju moc, to mě těší ^^
Miffix's avatar
Love the unimpressed almost "HMPH" expression!
BUGHS-22's avatar
Heh ^^ Thanks a lot! I wonder how her personality will be. So far I can't decide.
Miffix's avatar
Seems aloof, but only because she's a realist. Seems like she could warm up after a while, but only when she's sure she can trust.
BUGHS-22's avatar
Maybe :) I'll see
prte1's avatar
Mawrr :3
Ta je sladká a huňatá :33
BUGHS-22's avatar
Floofity floof ^w^
Magidaa's avatar
Jůů ta je krásná :3
BUGHS-22's avatar
Surya293's avatar
Ty ouška ^^ a ocas ^^ Huňatý, huňatý, to já mám nejradši, huňatý, huňatý, to já mám ráda.

Vzhledem k tomu, že se to podobá rysovi, ségra z toho bude úplně paf.
Surya293's avatar
Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough!
BUGHS-22's avatar
Děkuju ^v^ There is never enough of floof! :D
oreana's avatar
PRETTY BABY. ;W; She is so beautiful, and I love the way she looks in your style, dearest. :D :la: I do hope to see more of her in the future. :iconlawooplz:
BUGHS-22's avatar
Aww thank you so much -^^- I am not trained in drawing big cats so I had to have reference for body. And head I was training hard to create some style. I am glad it doesn't look horrible. I would like to draw her more ^^ especially running or cuddling X3
Brissinge's avatar
úžasný *w* ty štětičky jsou super :D
BUGHS-22's avatar
Tentokrát jsem na ně nechtěla zapomenout :D ...nejsou moc velký?
Brissinge's avatar
ne :D naprosto v pořádku :D
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