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Horse Age is a graphic novel about prehistoric horses living and surviving in semi-real pleistocene era, also known as the Ice age.

This novel can contain violence, blood or intimate themes

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As probably expected, Tikeron's hormones underestimated the strength and experience of a huge angry lead stallion.
That's gonna leave a scar. ...On the body or the pride :D

Text is not corrected and English is not my native language. If there is some huge grammatical error, do not hesitate to let me know ^^
Thank you! pink heart bullet
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MOONWATCHER404's avatar

In the words of Captain Rex:

“In my books, experience outranks everything.”

he needs reinforcements stat

Altraion100's avatar

Use your back legs boy

BUGHS-22's avatar

If he's able to even "think" after such punch :D

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Over 6k views in 6 days but only 43 comments?

It would seem this comic is popular, but not much chit chat or comments on this particular frame.


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DolphinFox's avatar

Well, it was not surprising that Tikeron would get hit in the head. He often lost fight with Dalteri, he could only run away. It remains to be hoped that Dalteri will quickly move his brain and make the right decision in this situation (And the most correct decision would be to hit this dad in the head in three faces at the same time)

BUGHS-22's avatar

Tikeron is definitelly learning to chose his oponents better :D

dragonblaze23's avatar

Worst time to make the connection probably, but I'm getting little mermaid vibes "Daddy no! I love him!"

CrazyArtyWolfie's avatar

I'm getting Pocahontas vibes:D

Happy Legs, nah. More like BROKEN LEGS!!!

BUGHS-22's avatar

:D Hahah! I like those "happy legs" puns.

Miss-Italia's avatar

It didn't take the dad long to whoop his ass XD I actually hope this action will have some consequences, for Tikeron or their bachelor herd.

tikibombz's avatar

Me too.

Personally I prefer that Tikeron gets a leg injury and losses a fair amount of his boasted speed.

Hunting-wolf's avatar

I actually really enjoy reading these comments about horse behaviour.

And I also like that Tikeron is losing in this fight since that seems more realistic (instead of winning just because he's a main character).

I don't know much about horses, so I've got a question: Would wild lead stallions always try to keep the mares in his herd? I mean, in the case here with Balteira, I suppose she's old enough to leave the herd to start a life in another herd. So would he care that she left? Though I DO understand that he'd get angry because of bachelors close to his herd xD

BUGHS-22's avatar

I am glad you do ^^

I like learning about nature and I am happy to hear people can learn something from my artwork and readers' comments under it.

For your question, @eruraven answered nicely ^^

Just a little detail, Balteira is still kinda not 3 years old to be full "adult" this is why rau said she is not old enough yet ^^

Hunting-wolf's avatar

Ah, thank you!! ^^

eruraven's avatar

Depending on the size of the herd the answer is yes. Stallions of small herds try to keep all mares in their herd to breed with including their daughters. If the daughter wants to leave without being stolen she has to sneak away or if she really wants to leave, put up enough of a fight to be able to escape.

Hunting-wolf's avatar

Thank you for the reply!!

eruraven's avatar

you're welcome!

byrnstar's avatar

Errr NOT a good position for Tikeron, but...Daddy Rau's diving towards a mighty awful kick from those hind legs. If it meets Daddy's front leg or chin it could be fatal...

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