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Paul's Journey Chapter 4: Oreburgh City4
At th Research center
Paul: “We’re here”
Jacob: “Good now I can get the big guy off of my back”
Alice: “Lets go in already. I want to see them bring a fossil back to life”
Paul: “Lets go then”
The team walks in to the Research center to what looks like a futuristic room with a desk at the front with a woman siting at it and they walk up her
Paul: “Excuse me miss?”
Secretary not paying attention and fooling with paperwork “Yes do you have an appointment?”
Paul: “No but I have a...”
Secretary: “If you don’t have an appointment then make on and come back then. Have a nice day”
Paul: “*Sigh* Fine. Sorry Jacob looks like you’ll have to lug that thing around a bit longer”
Jacob: “That’s alright”
The team starts to walk out as the Secretary looks up and sees the huge fossil on Jacob’s back
Secretary: “Wait a minute!” She runs over an
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Paul's Journey Chapter 4: Oreburgh City3
Several hours later
The doctor comes out of the operating room with gloves covered in blood
‘How is he?’
Doctor: “He’ll be fine just a bit sore when he wakes up. He had an artery nicked in 3 places and a fractured rib but otherwise he’s alright most of the shrapnel didn’t go to deep. It’s like they were slowed down by something.”
‘Thank goodness. Would it be alright if I went to see him?’
Doctor: “Sure but try not to wake him he needs the rest and he should be able to leave in 2-3 days. Room 218”
‘That’s good to hear. Thanks doctor I’m going to go see him.’
Doctor: “Alright and remember try not to wake him.”
later in Room 218
Rose walks in the room and sees Paul asleep on the bed and sits down next to it
‘I’m glad that you’re alright you had us all worried you know.’
Paul: “I know sorry about that.”
‘Sorry I didn
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Paul's Journey Chapter 4: Oreburgh City2
Later at the Pokemon center
Nurse Joy: “Your Infernape will be fine after a good rest. He was pretty beat up. Who did he take on Rampardos, Armaldo, Steelix, or Golem?”
Paul: “Actually he took them all on but got taken out before he could finish off Rampardos.”
Nurse Joy: “Wow! Really? He must be very strong.”
Paul: “Yeah he is something else. Is it alright if we take him back to our room?”
Nurse Joy: “Sure.”
The team walks in to the operating room and sees Jacob all covered in bandages
Paul: “Oh my god Jacob turned into a mummy!”
Jacob: “Haha very funny”
Paul: “I thought so. Come on lets’ get you back to the room
Paul and Alice help Jacob back to their room and set him down on the bed
Paul: “Good job Jacob we won the Coal Badge and $5,000 thanks to you man. Now get some rest and Alice is going to be taking care of you tonight alright.”
Jacob: “Aliright”
Paul: “
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Paul's Journey Chapter 4: Oreburgh City1
Number Friends on Team: 4
Location: Oreburgh City
Cash: $4,500
In the morning after a good breakfast and changing clothes the team is getting ready to go
out for the day
Paul: “Alright guys ready to go?”
Jacob: “Ready”
Alice: “Ready”
Paul: “Then lets go”
The team leaves the room and Paul locks the door behind them and walks out of the Pokemon
Paul: “So what’s first guys?”
‘Hot springs’
Paul: “Sorry but they don’t open for another 2 hours so what do you guys want to do until
Alice: “How about we go mining for gems and fossils? That way the hot springs will feel all
the more better”
Jacob: “Sounds good to me but we’ll need more equipment than a shovel and my Dig move”
Paul: “They got a rental place at the base of the mountain that should have all we need”
Alice: “What are we waiting for t
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Mature content
Tumbler Original :iconbugboy007:bugboy007 1 6
Mature content
Paul's Journey chapter 3 :iconbugboy007:bugboy007 0 0
Paul's Journey Chapter 2: The Monkey and The Hare3
Paul: "So how old are you?"
Ash: "I'm 15 now and Misty is 14. This is my third time in Sinnoh since I started my Journey."
Paul: "Oh I Know who you are I've seen you on TV in the Pokemon League. That and the old man won't shut up about you and Gary. SO how have you been haven't seen you since you were small well smaller."
Ash: "Good. Man you've changed I hardly recognized you."
Paul: "Yeah hard training will do that sit down for a bit will you I got some more sandwiches in my pack If you like."
Ash: "Sure."
Misty: "I am a bit hungry."
Paul: "We got 2 spicy grilled cheese, 2 PB and J, and a egg and fried baloney with MooMooMilk and Pokecola to drink. So what would you like?"
Misty: "PB and J sounds good with a milk."
Ash: "Grilled cheese sounds good with a milk."
Paul: "Here you go" Paul hands them their sandwiches and milks "So what you doing in Sinnoh Ash? On a little vacation or just running errands for the old man?"
Ash: "Actually I'm taking on the Battle Frontier here in Sinnoh and
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Paul's Journey Chapter 2: The Monkey and The Hare2
After a nice breakfast
"Jacob mind giving me a hand?"
'Infer' (Sure)
Jacob puts the sleeping Rose on Paul's back
"Well lets going"
Alice gets on Jacobs back
'In. In Infer?' (Alright. Got a good grip?)
'Lo Lop. Lo Punny' (Yeah I won't fall off. Why doesn't he just put her in her Pokeball?)
'In Infer Fernape Fer Fernape Infer' (Well he thinks of all off us with a human figure as human ESPECIALLY her and doesn't put us in our Pokeballs unless we get badly hurt or we want to be put in.)
'Lo Lop Pun Pun Lop?' (What about the ones who do look like animals or look like animals but their final evolution looks human?)
'In Infer Fer Fernape Fer Fernape Infer' (Well he still doesn't treat them like animals but doesn't treat them like complete humans ether sorta in between and the ones that final evolution looks human he treats them as human too.)
'Lo Lop Pun?' (Must be nice having someone like him as a trainer huh?)
'In Infer Nape Fer Fernape Infer. Fernape Infer' (Not trainer Friend we
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Paul's Journey Chapter 2: The Monkey and The Hare
Number of Friends on Team: 2
Location: Route 128
"It's getting late this looks like a good spot to camp for the night what do you think Rose."
'Looks Like a good enough spot'
"Well Lets get started lets see shovel shovel shovel.... ah ha found it"
'What are you doing?'
"I'm going to dig a fire pit to cook dinner. I'm going to surround the hole with rocks and put some underneath the wood so that it doesn't go wild while we sleep and catch anything else on fire and it makes it easier to put a grill top on or hang the pot over for cooking."
'Oh. But why are you putting them under the wood?'
"Two reasons. One to make air circulate better throughout and Two it's supposed to be cold tonight and they can be used as natural heaters."
"Hey Rose do you think you can take those buckets and get some water. I'm pretty sure I saw a stream near by."
"Thanks. Well guess we'll need some help from Jacob. Come on out."
'Infernape.... In Infer?' (What do you want......And who are you?)
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Mature content
Paul's Journey Chapter 1: The Lovers :iconbugboy007:bugboy007 0 0


Pokemon trainer 5 ~ Cover page by MurPloxy Pokemon trainer 5 ~ Cover page :iconmurploxy:MurPloxy 135 24 Request - The New Girl by ShadowScarKnight Request - The New Girl :iconshadowscarknight:ShadowScarKnight 321 60 Timing. by Zombiesmile Timing. :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 7,088 1,169 Semi-realistic Ralts Line [with headcanons] by x-lazulith-x Semi-realistic Ralts Line [with headcanons] :iconx-lazulith-x:x-lazulith-x 189 46 Kirlia Sketch Dump by DANMAKUMAN Kirlia Sketch Dump :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 922 118 Emotional by hPolawBear Emotional :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 143 45 Tie by hPolawBear Tie :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 99 36 Name Game by hPolawBear Name Game :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 97 17 Name Game pt. 2 by hPolawBear Name Game pt. 2 :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 106 7 Boxers by hPolawBear Boxers :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 149 48 Nurse by hPolawBear Nurse :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 176 25 RAAAWR! by hPolawBear RAAAWR! :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 216 27 Anime Conventions by hPolawBear Anime Conventions :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 143 40 Cuddle Position by hPolawBear Cuddle Position :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 284 17 Blanket Monsterz by hPolawBear Blanket Monsterz :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 176 8 How I Sleep by sandibeans How I Sleep :iconsandibeans:sandibeans 40 28



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