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(AT) Welcome To The Mecha Jungle
see? I told you I would draw more of these! This is my part of an art trade for :iconoptimusV42 that features his OC, Jungle heart (albeit as a robopony)
Twibot upgrade
Im thinking about a robotic alternate universe of MLP so expect more of these. Robot ponies are just fun to design :D
Trackhead evolution
2014: I remember having a picture of a pony OC made in Generalzoi's pony creator with a pair of triangular tank tracks for hind hooves and a small missile launcher and autocannon for weapons... For some reason. I don't exactly remember if his name was "Axle" or something like that, in fact I don't if it had the rocket launcher or the cannon so I threw both in just in case, the exact mane is also uncertain.
It's unknown if Axle was an inspiration for the creation of Trackhead but since he shares vague similarities to him I decided to add him to the chronology. I should mention that his colors were recycled for the newer designs of Gearbox, Trackhead's big brother.

June 2015: the initial design, he also had the preliminary name of "Gearhead". Don't ask me why I did shape his mane like a leaf or what the tail was supposed to be.

August 2015: The longest used design so far, many sub designs of this version have been drawn over time with different shape for the fenders, wings for the rear or not, different ammounts of wheels,...

July 2017: This one is a mix of the previous design and a unused redesign drawn by a friend of mine granting the more robotic look the previous version lacked.

June 2018: The current design for now. Trackhead departs from the previous draft to scrap his tracked chassis for two pairs of transformable hooves that give him the hability of transform into a agile half-track mode (story change pending).
Spiky Pone
a commission for :iconarkhhamknight: 
Im not sure if the outfit is right...
OC belongs to commissioneer
Loading... :icontrombone2015:
I normally don't do these but this one caught my attention
1)Pick 2-5 characters that are new
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 10 friends
5)Have fun!

4.Glowing Constellations (AKA: Orion)

1. Welcome to the world of OC's! Now, who are you (name, gender), how old are you and what species are you?

Gearbox appears in a studio with Trackhead and Goldheart who are behind him

GEARBOX: my name is S.A.L number 1, with codename Gearbox and my brethen sitting behind me are number 3 and 2, codenamed Trackhead and Goldheart respectively.
TRACKHEAD:  pointing to himself In case our appereance hasn't told you, we are robot ponies.

GOLDHEART: We were built by the Space Robot Laboratories in earth back in 2015. That makes us three years old... Yeah that must sound kinda weird to a flesh pony.

TRACKHEAD: You gotta ask me back when I was stuck with that old tracked chassis and everyone looked at me funny because I was around a head shorter than everyone else as if I was some little foal.

Skymetry in his mini-jet mode lands near the trio then transforms into robot pony mode

SKYMETRY: What's was exactly bad about that? Being different is always better than looking like the same as everypony else. I normally just shrug any funny looks off.

TRACKHEAD: Still it was quite unnerving at times, especially at work. Thanks my circuits that I was greeted by this awesome update his legs fold inwards to form his tracked mode

Glowing Constellations jumps in front of the group

ORION: Okay that's enough talk for the robots. Can the only flesh pony get some talk time? Alright. my name is Glowing Constellations but you can just call me Orion and as I said i'm the only flesh pony in this interview, concretelly im a Unicorn, a 20 years old unicorns to stretch it further.

2. Describe how you look like now!

GEARBOX: Even after I was repaired after the incident with my team I still look pretty much the same, the same blue paint with silver shoulders and flank, the same mane crest with USB ports, the same exhaust tail.

GOLDHEART: On normal day I show off my light green body with a cool integrated heart-shaped screen and my orange long mane that used to be straight, you know like that well known librarian-turned-princess Twilight... Ugh I forgot the name...

TRACKHEAD: Sparkle? I like to read some of her best-sellers *from his chest pulls out a book released by Twilight Sparkle about friendship*

GOLDHEART: Yeah that's it! Where was I? ah yes, my mane used to be straight like hers but one day I decided to reshape it and the result was way better than expected even if it sometimes obscures half of my face. 

TRACKHEAD: As I said before, i used to have a tracked chassis the same color as my legs but the mekaquestria laboratories made me these awesome transformable hooves *does a little dance with them* my main casing is red with a gunmetal neck and mid-section like those of Gearbox and Goldheart. 

ORION: my coat is almost purely white, which goes great with my mane of various cooling shades of blue. My cutie mark is a constellation, references my name, coincidence huh? Well, that's all I can say.

SKYMETRY: Don't let my blocky appereance deceive you, this bodywork allows me to soar through the skies with decent speeds, if it could feel, the wind could soothe me.

3. Good good! Now lets see, why do you think you were created? What do you think your creators inspiration was for you?

TRACKHEAD: I once heard rumors about my creator having accidentaly toppled over a toy excavator which was that inspired him into designing me like this but that's crazy talk.

SKYMETRY: Last monday I've seen some TV show created by humans three decades ago about robots that transform into vehicles and stuff. Kinda like I, you and my friend Sunracer.

4.Oh I understand! So are you looking for a relationshi-
MLP Technical Difficulties Wallpaper (clean ver.) by gneferu
*the signal returns*
5.Interesting...So what is your purpose as a character in this world?

GEARBOX: We were sent here to explore this land and find information about it's fauna, flora, culture and everything about it. Well, except private things because we're explorers, not spies.

TRACKHEAD: but we must finance these explorings somehow and that's where I and my sister enter. I work as a transportist at a distribution center in Ponyville, this lets me travel all over Equestria which helps me in our main job.

GOLDHEART: I work at the town's library, *rolls eyes* it's a boring job but that's all it takes and besides, I sometimes can pick up books about Equestria that we often use in our researchs.

SKYMETRY: Since im a general purpose bot I have multiple part-time jobs, let it be messenger, mailpony, weatherpony, anything that involves speed and the sky. I like to be useful you know?

ORION: Since I was little I've been interested in machines, that's what lead me into being the robotics scientist I am now, I contributed my researchs to both the EMDF and mekaquestria labs. Who else do you think invented the cup-holder drone?

6. Awesome! Now how would you describe yourself?

GEARBOX: I like to be good-spirited but keep order with my team to keep the morale up. That's the name of the game

TRACKHEAD: helpful, kind and a bit clumsy at times heh

GOLDHEART: I like to look good to everyone so I try to be cute and careful to my brothers and everyone else

SKYMETRY: I like to be boastful at times but I keep it to a limit so I don't come out as a jackplot

ORION: Even though im a scientist, I like to be dangerous just to have experience, after all wasn't science about experience?

7. Now how would your friends describe you?

GEARBOX: There are times where my team calls me out on my strict personality and sometimes it ends in argument but I always find the way to make them understand that order keeps things calm and happy but still we all support each other in our job and that means that they find me good in my way.

TRACKHEAD: My family and my work partners often appreciate my worky personality. It can only mean that im doing great with my way-of-be.

GOLDHEART: In my job sometimes my boredom make me a bit upbeat, something that isn't too appropiate in a library with it's employes.

ORION: my partners in the lab often appreciate my genious.

SKYMETRY: Since im a bit boastful sometimes that can stir up the nerves of some of my friends like Sunracer but a good race always settles that up *his wings flap*.

8. Do you have any abilities?

GEARBOX:  An upgrade I had made to myself was *lifts his left hoof forwards then a big laser rifle formed from it then missile racks emerged from his mid-section* weapons I installed into my body back when my AI went crazy. I used them when I was conscripted to the EMDF... *started to look worried* can we not talk further about that?

GOLDHEART: You ask what did I mean "a normal day"? Back when I and my brothers were conscripted into the Equestrian Mechanical Defense Force for some time I decided to create this armor *she does a ballerina spin and her body flashed white then after that she appeared wearing a pink leotard with socks of the same color and a yellow skirt* don't let it's appereance fool you, I made this armor out of an special material I found in the lab of the main headquarters of the EMDF which is very resistant to laser and heat. This lets me be resistant and look at this.

*her skirt starts to spin faster and faster then it shoots off her suit and into some props of the studio, slashing them down to size then it cuts through a wall into the outside street, everyone looks surprised at it then seconds later an explosion is heard*


*the skirt rapidly returns to the still-perplexed Goldheart and reattaches to her*

GOLHEART: *looks nervous at the camera* okay that was a missfire. I hope the budget can handle that. We should continue this okay?

TRACKHEAD: *holding his laugh* Taking the relay sister. *winks to her* I have a chest compartment from where I pull out various tools *pulls out a claw, a drill and oversized scissors from his chest* my mane is actually a sawblade that can be thrown

*Everypony backs out*

TRACKHEAD: *chuckles* don't worry everyone, I'm not going to throw it! Oh and my tail is a trustworthy wrench that can also act as a claw that attaches to my belly so I can pull carts, it's my tool of the trade in my workplace apart from my tracks *his tail wobbles back and forth* did I mention my transformable hooves?

SKYMETRY: Yes you have Trackhead. By the way. as you have seen when I first came here. I can turn into a small jet *transforms into jet mode* it's construction makes this mode much more agile than it looks. My head has a crest that is my communicator that obviously lets me communicate with my customers.

ORION: Back when I worked for the EMDF I didn't just design robots and other tools for it. I sometimes had to get dirty as well. Mares and Stallions that's why I have this *he uses his magic to summon his weapon. A large firearm with multiple barrels of various sizes* this is my tool of the trade for these jobs. I suppose this counts as an hability right?

9. Okay, so hate anyone or a certain thing?

TRACKHEAD: Do you know how awkward it feels when mud or vines get stuck in the mechanisms of your tracks? It irks my cabling whenever this happens in work. I recall that one time when I spent a whole afternoon plucking out dried vines from my old tracks.

GEARBOX: Whenever my team makes a mess in our ship. This can turn me into a prick in seconds.

GOLDHEART: I think I said something about my job at the library. But that's all it takes, it can be a hassle to find a job in this land ufffffff.

SKYMETRY: Whenever there's a turbulence when I'm on flight. Especially when there's fog to go with it to make flight a challenge. Why didn't whoever built me install me some fog lights instead of these iffy LED lights? *he turns the lights in his crest on*

ORION: Despite my wealth I can be a humble pony but not humble enough to have to deal with my noisy neighbours whenever Im studying or minding my own business!

10. Mh, enough of hate, how about love? Do you love anyon- *signal goes off again*

Pinkie Pie Technical Difficulties base by Hexedecimal

*signal returns*

11. Enough teasing you now! So tell us what you thought of this meme, is it your first?

TRACKHEAD: It was a good meme to do to let time pass through this slow afternoon, i'll give it 8/10

GEARBOX: Don't ask me, I was just brought into this. If you excuse my, I have things to check *walks off the studio*

GOLDHEART: that cranky bot... *giggles* I liked this because I sometimes like to let anyone know about myself.

ORION: Im pretty OK with this because after all I'm pretty know for my researchs... *looks around then says something to himself* am I right?

SKYMETRY: This was awesome and maybe you can call me for another one in the future *in his eyes flashes his phone number and comes closer to the camera*

HOST: Okay okay! cut!

NARRATOR: This interview was sponsored by  bitland discount scores, LJN and sugarless gummy bears


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9. :iconmafiles50:
10. :iconohheckIcantfindanotheronetotag:


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