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Chicken - Pollo

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Fudepen (Brush Pen) sobre Papel #Bond.
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Make the intro for Dinosaurs On Honolulu

It will go like this (this was from Hisoka16)

We see rotating planet, and then, one part of it zoomed.

Next stage: camera moves from left to right (or it can be static) We can see Hub Smartysaurus, sitting, learning. His back a tree. He is reading a book, then, he looks straight to the camera with a serious face. The grass is ewerywhere.

Next stage: Blub Boogersaurus, kneeling near the mole hole trying to dig him (the mole) out. The mole himself is teasing the dinosaurus, peeking from the next hole. Blub can't find the mole, and looks confused, watching to the camera (o_0)

Therd stage: Kluck Chickensaurus is chasing a chicen. His tongue out. The chicken is screaming ming. There are moutains as background.
In the end, they all come together. Kluck can be holding a chicken.

That’s basically the entire intro that you will be doing

Email me the animation at foxpixaranimationstudios@gmail.com

The rotating planet scene has to be at 6 seconds

And the camera going left and right (or static) has to be 4 seconds (after the 6 second rotating planet shot)

And the dinosaur intro scene has to be 50 seconds long (after the 4 second left and right/static shot)

Do it like what Hisoka16 has said

Also here’s the iconic theme music that you will put in the intro itself : www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HS_uL…

It’s a musical composition of guitars and everything

Make sure you use it

Don’t forget to animate the intro

I got reference sheets for the characters

Hub Smartersaurus : www.deviantart.com/fox-pixar2/…

Blub Boogersaurus : www.deviantart.com/fox-pixar2/…

Kluck Chickensaurus : www.deviantart.com/fox-pixar2/…

Make sure you make them 2D
And make them look like in the actual cartoon form

And keep it in a 16:9 aspect ratio (same size as a YT thumbnail image)

Make sure you do it