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mom I don't feel so good



Trainer: Mireille || Inventory

Featuring Baal and Koi, having a not so great time in the distortion world.


Panel 1: +1 lvl to Baal (halfbody shaded)
panel 2: +3 lvls to Koi (fullbody shaded + simple background)
panel 3: +3 lvls to Baal (fullbody shaded + simple background)
panel 4: +3 lvls to Baal (fullbody shaded + simple background)
panel 5: +2 lvls to Baal ( fullbody, shading isn't very apparent + simple background)
panel 6: +3 lvls to Baal (fullbody shaded + simple background)
panel 7: +3 lvls to Baal and Koi (fullbody shaded + simple background)

+15 lvls to Baal, but he's level 100 so they turn into 750 pd
+6 lvls to Koi

Koi also learns Ancient Power!

Pd gains:

+750 pd (lvl 100 bonus)
+6x 200(simple backgrounds) = 1200

= 1950 pd total
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