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MommaCQ535 by AlainaPrana MommaCQ535 :iconalainaprana:AlainaPrana 90 14 Callie is back by lexuiii Callie is back :iconlexuiii:lexuiii 238 18 Octoling in need of Asquidstance - Page 4/7 by BanditofBandwidth Octoling in need of Asquidstance - Page 4/7 :iconbanditofbandwidth:BanditofBandwidth 97 16
Aura and the force ch 10(re-edit)

The soldiers maintained a strict patrol around the wreckage of the escape pods, they had erected hastily build barriers against the hostile wildlife of this strange world, all the scouts they had sent out hadn't returned and presumed dead, now the men kept a constant vigil on the trees and grass for the large black monsters that seemed intent on slaughtering them all.
The soldiers were rushing around the perimeter of their landing zone shooting at the black shapes that moved through the grass, the vaporizing bodies of Beowolves lying in the grass as more charged over the bodies towards the object of their extreme hatred.
"It's hopeless, they just keep coming! We must fall back!" yelled a man in a white uniform, the emblem of the Republic on his shoulders as he commanded the white armored marines, volleys of red laser fire lancing into the Grimm's black furred bodies.
“You will not retreat
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{DDLC} Smugsuki by Sasoura {DDLC} Smugsuki :iconsasoura:Sasoura 354 10 [DGRP V3] Happy birthday Angie! by Ens-22 [DGRP V3] Happy birthday Angie! :iconens-22:Ens-22 121 14   by keijo2 :iconkeijo2:keijo2 551 10 Lapisphos by Haru-n Lapisphos :iconharu-n:Haru-n 63 6 Bunny Pearl Vs Tortoise Marina (4 17 2019) by theskywaker Bunny Pearl Vs Tortoise Marina (4 17 2019) :icontheskywaker:theskywaker 195 21
Fem!Aoyama-kun X M!Reader FULL
Aoyama = Aoi
Aoi, known for being an extreme germaphobe. Also known for not letting anyone touch her, she has a thing about it. Aoi and I are actually good friends, we get along well. Something that she specifically requested to be kept from the school, is that she doesn't mind me touching her. She says that she doesn't want "everyone to bother her about letting me touch her when no one else touches her"... I'm not ashamed to admit that I find her attractive, but who wouldn't? I'm scared to tell you the truth, scared that she will turn me down because of her germophobia. I arrive at school and enter the classroom, I look to see Aoi beckoning me.
I walk over to her with a smirk on my face, she's extremely cute when she wants to be. "Do you have any wipes?" she asks hurriedly. I pull them out from my bag and she gains a smile, she immediately starts wiping her desk and her hands. "I'm not even gonna ask why you carry those around," Kiyoshi sighs. "Because Aoi can sometim
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I just figured out I have very low self-esteem which is kinda true anyway oh and yeah I’m alive on deviantart.
Ln Oc- Luna
She is very curious and very timid when it comes to socialize with people. Children question her for her more modern clothes.
Ln Oc- Iveil
He’s carefree and boasts a lot about his talents, he also has an obsession with making masks.
Ln Oc- Hannah
Age: 13
She has a very bubbly personality and likes sharp things such as the weapon she has there



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????1: When do you think he will wake up?
????2: Who cares if he wakes up he looks like he came from a dump!
????3: Hush you..I’m sure he will wake up soon.....
????4: What if he doesn’t! I mean this is a bad idea to be out in the open we are exposed right now....
????1: There isn’t any danger around here right now so I think we are fine right now....
????4: Okay whatever you say friend.....
????2: Who’s gonna carry this skinny little boy!
????3: I will carry him.... *grabs the boy and puts him on their back* 


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United States
Simplemente una persona casual que creó una cuenta sin razón alguna.
Pero para que sepas, estoy feliz de hacer juegos de roles con personas, siempre que sea un juego con el que estoy familiarizado, entonces jugaré conmigo.
Tampoco me juzguen en mi arte, todavía estoy aprendiendo y estoy tratando de mejorar poco a poco



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