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About me: In real life I wear a suit to work. In my weekend life I gleefully indulge in my hobbies which include family time, horror, crafting, comics, gaming, costuming and conventions. I also do a lot of charity work with kids utilizing my costumes. I don't model professionally. I'm not a cosplay super star. I'm just a chick who enjoys her free time and I rarely take anything seriously. I love star trek, sci-fi, and most of all horror movies. Bruce Campbell? My personal demi-god. I blog about horror. I sew costumes, I wear costumes. Make believe is 1/4 of my soul. I'm a horrible poet - excellent movie quoter, everyone's Rosetta stone, and will own you all in a came of MTG. I live for raising my cherub and working hard. I've met the love of my life. I adore my friends, board games, fuzzy-wuzzy animals and even the non-furry ones too. I have no game, but I live to make people laugh. I'm honest. Way to honest. I guess that makes me a jerk too. Don't ask me anything unless you require the truth. I'm very strong willed and chase what I want. I yearn for the outdoors, adventures and the zen of nature. I study philosophy, paint my future in the stars, and am currently hatching out plans for world domination. I dig the mind - teach me something, and I'll adore you forever. I don't like mean people, conceited people, jealously, crab cakes, fishing for compliments, ignorance or close mindedness.


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Favourite Visual Artist
Mother Nature
Favourite Movies
Anything goretastically awful/amazing, oh - and Army of Darkness
Favourite TV Shows
Jekyll, Hannibal, Flying Circus, TMNT, Batman The Animated Series, Tales From The Crypt, Pokemon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Steely Dan
Favourite Books
Comics :)
Favourite Games
Magic The Gathering, Jenga, Killer Bunnies, Gloom
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Latex, paper, pens, paint, sewing machine, dremmels and coffee.
Other Interests
Horror movies, Star Trek, Bruce Campbell, Gore, Surfing, Sunshine, Mermaids, Music, Poetry, Comics
I'm such a post slacker. Went to Spooky Empire this weekend and although it was chaotically lovely - I'm stoked to be home. I had the chance to test run my Bride of Frankenstein costume to pretty good reviews. The B&W Horror group was AMAZING - and we all plan on revamping, re-doing paint jobs - and testing it out again at D*C or Mayhem next year (BRUCE CAMPBELL FIX YESSSS). I spent most of the con helping finish up TJ's Werewolf. Won 3rd place in the costume contest - he scored himself some cash I am now the proud owner of a NOTLD Cemetery Zombie Dean electric guitar. No complaints here :) Except that if I find one more brown furball in my
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..but on the cellular level I'm really quite busy :) I fail at updating things. Currently working on a Fem-Thor, and Marvel's Valkyrie for D*C. Update pictures soon - especially ones of the boobs-o'-justice. Hope ya'll had a rocking Free Comic Book Day. I was out at Coliseum of Comics with Costumers With a Cause - doing a fundraiser for BASE Camp - and ended up at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital playing with the kidlets. Now they're the REAL heroes. Doing great in school - working out - saving up to move here in the next two months, and spending a ridiculous amount of time watching crap-horror flicks with friends. I are happy Buddha :)
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Review of the past two months: Yay for resolutions! Stickin' to 'em. In honor of trying new things - I decided I needed to learn how to handle a firearm. I do not believe in guns - nor will I ever own one. But its better to be knowledgeable than ignorant if a situation ever arrises (IE: Zombie apocalypse). ^ The gang at the gun range. Real gun - real ammo. I'm not to shabby of a shot - but not to good either. However, put a zombie target in front of me - 5 out of 5 head shots. (Notice the trekkie ball cap and shirt. Resistance is futile.) And Mega
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Happy Birthday, my dear!
Happy happy birthday🎂🎂
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Another year has past,  so it is time to wish you a happy birthday :)
Favorite band "Steely Dan" had me smiling - side by side with gore and horror, interesting spectrum, I gotta say...That aside: stumbled across your gallery by accident (?) ; that's the good thing about free surfin' DA: always something to discover. Some real stunning pics here, time to spread the love - ehrm - fav. Welcome to my watchlist.