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This group is for James "bucky" Barnes, best friend and side kick of captain america.
We'll accept
~comic book Bucky(winter soldier)
~movie version of bucky
~captain america
~Art about Sebastian Stan, the actor who plays bucky in the movies

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My Dashing Darling
My Dashing Darling
Bucky was gone, leaving him for the first time in a long time. Left to fight the war in Europe. Now he was by himself, too sickly and too small to make an effective soldier.
It hurt so much. He refused to accept that this was happening. That he was willing to fight for his country… fight for and with Bucky… and he kept running into a wall. What if Bucky was killed or taken into captivity?
Seal da rabhas im' mhaighdean shéimh, For a while I was a gentle maiden
'S anois im' bhaintreach chaite thréith, And now a spent worn-out widow
Mo chéile ag treabhadh na dtonn go tréanMy spouse ploughing the waves strongly
De bharr na gcnoc is i n-imigcéin. Over the hills and far away.
   Séist: Chorus
   'Sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear, He is my hero, my dashing darling
   'Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear, He is my Caesar, dashing darling.
:icondiddles25:diddles25 5 0
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
Steve no longer felt sleepy. As much as he wanted to, he could not bring himself to that point… not that he was complaining. As long as Bucky was sleeping easily, he was happy. He could still hardly believe that this was real, that Bucky was alive and with him again. How could it be?
He knew that Bucky would not be the same as he was, that he would be shell-shocked from his experiences as a prisoner of the Soviets and as one of their main assassins. But it still hurt Steve to hear Bucky screaming and crying in his sleep and then feel his body racking with sobs as Steve held him and tried as best as he could to comfort him. Tears stung Steve’s eyes and he tried to regain his own composure as he remembered that if Bucky had not fallen from the train all those years ago, he would not have suffered under his Soviet captors. He forced those thoughts from his mind as he focused on the man in his arms, grateful that he was alive and that he was real.
“You have no idea how g
:icondiddles25:diddles25 18 4
I Dream
It has been seventy or so years since I last saw you, Steve. It has taken just one moment now for you to begin unraveling the years of training that have been drilled into me.
Va, ti aspetteròGo, I will wait for you
Il fiore nel giardino segna il tempo The flowers in the garden mark the time
Qui disegnerò il giorno poi del tuo ritorno Here I will draw the day of your return
Sei così sicura del mio amoreYou are so sure of my love
Da portarlo via con teYou take it away with you

Sure, I remembered you, at least in my mind. But the rest of it, about how I felt for you, the memories that we built together… only now have I begun to remember that in my body. And it hurts…! I have tried to deny them over and over as I am sent off on my missions to eliminate potential enemies--to eliminate you—but I feel my resolve slipping now that have seen you face-to-face after all these years…! To see you standing there, almost your whole
:icondiddles25:diddles25 4 0
I Love
Steve glanced at Bucky as they watched the television for the evening and he smiled, hardly daring to believe his luck as he watched the smaller man focused on the screen before he sensed Steve’s gaze on him.
Blushing, Bucky turned to face the strapping blond whose arm was curled around him. “What’s so interesting about me that I’ve caught you staring at me, captain?” Bucky teased.
Steve’s fond smile grew broader, “It’s just you, soldier… you amaze me!” he murmured as he kissed Bucky’s brow.
Amo lo que veo y lo que ocultas,I love what I see and what you hide,
amo lo que muestras o insinúas, I love what you demonstrate or insinuate,
amo lo que eres o imagino, I love what you are or I imagine,
te amo en lo ajeno y lo que es mío... I love you with others and what’s mine…

“How do you mean?” Bucky asked, his curiosity piqued by Steve’s answer.
Looking thorough
:icondiddles25:diddles25 4 2
“You’re so amazing, Babe…!” Bucky murmured as they spooned in bed, “I never thought that life could be so perfect…”
Steve squeezed him and kissed his temple, “Oh Soldier, you have no idea how happy that you make me…!” he whispered. While he couldn’t see Bucky’s face, he knew that Bucky wore a euphoric smile.
“I would not trade this for anything…” Bucky stroked Steve’s flank before his hand wandered to his lover’s face, “Warm, dry, safe, comfortable, well-fed… and with you again…!”
Steve squeezed him in agreement, “You have no idea…!” he gasped, nuzzling Bucky.
Bucky soon drifted off to a contented sleep and Steve relished the gentle sound of his breathing, the sweet scent of his hair and skin, the warmth of their naked bodies against each other…
“Just let me make this permanent-!” Steve thought as he watched his sleepi
:icondiddles25:diddles25 26 19
Mature content
Together With You :icondiddles25:diddles25 9 8
Remember When It Rained
Remember When It Rained
"You look like you've seen a ghost, Rogers," Tony remarked, "Did the Winter Soldier scare you that badly?"
"Oh, lay off of him," Pepper snapped, noticing how shaken that Steve looked. Tony just rolled his eyes and turned back to his charts. Natasha and Thor shook their heads in scorn before their gaze settled on Steve.
He leaned against the window and watched the waning sunset and the way that the colors danced along the gathering storm clouds. Could such a scene have been more perfect?
Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you.
No more love and no more pride
And thoughts are all I have to do.

"Steve?" Natasha's voice caught his attention. He turned to face her, concern written all over her face, "Yes?"
"What's bothering you? I've never seen you so upset," Natasha was blunt but her worry was evident, "I could have sworn that you recognized the Winter Soldier, too."
Steve did a double-take, "Wait… did you say that you recognize him, too
:icondiddles25:diddles25 15 15
A Time For Us
A Time For Us
Steve had been curled around Bucky since they had left the HYDRA compound, but the rest of the men that he led to safety either took them to be very close friends or they were too happy to be freed to care that Steve and Bucky had been cuddling together.
It was at night when the others slept that the two of them could finally do what they wanted and say what they wanted to say. Although they had to take extra care, they were happy just to hold each other and hear each other speak.
That first night, Steve had wept tears of joy as he hugged Bucky as tightly as he could without hurting him, "You're alive…! Thank god you're alive!" he squeaked, kissing Bucky's face desperately.
"I can't believe that it's you," Bucky gasped, amazed at Steve's newfound size and strength, hardly daring to believe that the serum had worked… hardly daring to believe that the man he loved would risk his life to save him.
"Look at you…!" he gasped, "After all that they did to me, I would have sworn
:icondiddles25:diddles25 10 7
Mature content
Old Habits :icondiddles25:diddles25 12 9

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