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What 20 Charisma Looks Like... by Buckskin415 What 20 Charisma Looks Like... :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 3 0 WIP by Buckskin415 WIP :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 2 0 Lessa the Animation by Buckskin415 Lessa the Animation :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 3 2
Blood Brothers Chap. 1 Part 6
Once the soldier was out of sight, Blayce swiveled around to join his friends. They all sat quietly, waiting for an explanation of what had just happened. Finally, Garrett couldn't stand the suspense.
"Well? What did he want?" Blayce shook his head slowly. He took out the little slip out and laid it on the table, turning it so his companions could see it. When they had all read it and looked back up at him, he leaned forward and explained what the lieutenant had said.
"He said that the guards would be expecting one man, and that whoever had this piece of parchment would be brought to him." He paused, looking around at each of them, knowing what they were all thinking. He was the only one of them with an out- and also the one who needed it the least. With all of their eyes on him, he leaned back in his chair.
"I think someone else should use it." They all looked surprised, and they all started talking at once. Blayce raised his hands slightly, and they quieted. Blayce looked across at L
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Starry Night by Buckskin415 Starry Night :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 1 0 Doni and Trent by Buckskin415 Doni and Trent :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 1 0 WIP by Buckskin415 WIP :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 2 0 Improvement Meme by Buckskin415 Improvement Meme :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 1 0 Lessa Sketch Dump by Buckskin415 Lessa Sketch Dump :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 0 0 Thunderstorm by Buckskin415 Thunderstorm :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 1 0 More Experiments by Buckskin415 More Experiments :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 2 0 Fursona/ Doodle Thing by Buckskin415 Fursona/ Doodle Thing :iconbuckskin415:Buckskin415 0 0
Blood Brothers Chap. 1 Part 5
Garrett was not ready to be awake when Blayce knocked at his door. He grumbled and rolled over, trying to ignore the pounding that seemed to come from both his head and the door. Finally, when the knocking did not go away but became louder and more urgent, Garrett hauled himself up and dragged the door open.
"What the hell do you need so badly that you had to wake me up this- oh." Blayce silently handed him the small flask that Lukin had left with him earlier. With a grateful sigh, Garrett let him in and took a long pull from the little bottle. Blayce quickly filled him in on what had happened already that morning as Garrett hurried to pull himself together.
"So, I'm supposed to be going down in a few moments to talk to the lieutenant. I thought a little extra backup might be a nice trump card, eh?" Garrett nodded distractedly as he slipped his knives into their various sheaths. Blayce noticed that, despite the missing fingers of his right hand, the thief still handled a blade as well
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Second Level Final Chapter
We reached the steps outside the rows of cells, and Shiara lurched to her feet from her position next to Donicon's head. "He's gotten worse -- his fever won't break. If it doesn't at least lower soon, I think we'll lose him." Her voice broke on the last word, and tears started to fall again, but she faced Trenton determinedly. He had already released my tail; now he looked in my direction as I turned to face him. "He's that badly off?" Trenton's whispered voice caused Donicon to stir.
"Trenton?" Carefully I lead the worn healer over to Donicon's sweat soaked side. My muzzle almost inside his ear, I told him, "He's right in front of you." Slowly kneeling beside his friend, Trenton stretched out his sensitive wingtip to find Donicon's face. "I'm here." Donicon spoke so softly that Trenton had to lean close to hear. From the look on Trenton's face, whatever they were talking about wasn't good news.
"You know I will. But I don't know what good I can do, Donicon. I'm not the same person you
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Blood Brothers Chap. 1 Part 4
"You both know about the war that the king," he paused to spit on the ground," is waging, right? Against the Tamli in the north?" He paused again and they both nodded. The Tamli were a strong nation that shared several large islands with Morentia. They had traditionally shared interests, but Morentia's former king had wanted more than cooperation and invaded. The Tamli were a powerful group of tribes when they could unite, but Morentia had played them against each other and conquered them. Now thirty years later, a serious rebellion threatened the Morentians stranded in what the Tamli claimed as their territory. Edward, Morentia’s current king, had been forced to send in soldiers to put the rebellion down. The war was locked in a stalemate, endless battles leaving both sides left bleeding. Sitting at the table in the Rose, Harold went on with his story, seeing that the two men understood.
"Well, the king's issued a decree that enlists all men who can hold a spear into the Royal A
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Blood Brothers Chap. 1 Part 3
The next morning, Blayce woke with a splitting headache that had nothing to do with alcohol. He rolled over on the surprisingly comfortable straw pallet to see light seeping through the waxed paper windows, bathing the room in dull sepia tones. He yawned and stretched, wondering why on Earth his head felt like it was about to split in two.
A soft knock on the door to his room brought Blayce back to his surroundings. Grabbing his dagger from its position next to his pillow in one hand and his pounding head in the other, he stood and opened the door. The hallway was narrow and dark, with barely room for two men to pass each other. Standing in the shadows cast by the stumpy candles was a disgustingly cheerful Lukin. He took in his friend's expression and a grin spread across his face.
"How are you feeling this morning?" Blayce glared mutely at him in reply and stood aside to let him in. Lukin settled himself on the room's only chair as Blayce sank back down on the bed with a relieved sigh
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I'm a college student from Nebraska who loves reading, writing and drawing. I was gone a few years, but I have returned and plan to be an active part of dA for a long time to come. You'll find a lot of horses and a lot of stories in my gallery, so I hope that you feel drawn (ah, horrible pun I know) in and stay a while!
Hello everyone!

So, as the title implies, my computer imploded on me. Actually, I kinda catapulted it across the room by accident (ehehe...he...he...) and damaged the hard drive pretty badly (as in beyond repair badly). HOWEVER. I have several wonderful friends who are really good with computers, and so not only were we able to fix my computer, we were able to bring it back better, stronger, faster! So, armed with a computer that is now twice as fast as it used to be, I will be returning to art making! As soon as I'm able to get the drivers for my tablet working again :/

Other than the whole implosion thing, art has been put on the back burner for me this semester, since my classes are kicking my butt in a way I've really never had to deal with before, and staying above water is taking all of my attention. But there are a few things that I've been slowly working on that I can post previews of. Its just gonna take a while before they're finished since I'm pretty much grabbing a few hours here and there to work on them. I'm also trying to completely teach myself a new way of doing things, so there's also that. 

I am still alive and I am still making art and writing. Its just that I don't have anywhere near the amount of time and energy I used to have to devote to art, so the quantity of stuff I can post here is probably going to permanently go down from here on out. Sorry guys. Hopefully the quality will continue to improve though. 
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