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Question Authority Stamp

By BuckNut
If you watch me, you know that this is not a new stamp, but I recently discovered that there is now a section for stamps, so I thought I would re-submit this as an actual deviation.
Free for anyone to use, but I'd like to know if you do :).
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© 2006 - 2021 BuckNut
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I agree with this stamp, Great work!
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I bark at authorities like a dog when they step on my tail. In symbolic sense.

A lot of the time people let someone abuse them just because the abuser is considered an "authority". But it's unhealthy.
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Personally, I've been called "crazy" and "rebel without a cause" for disagreeing and fighting with older people/boss. Looking at my past/present, I don't regret one bit of these attitudes because besides having proven that I am not "another sheep in the herd" I will not take orders from any corrupt, immature and incompetent person! =_____=

If a person is older than me doesn't mean that it is better or more mature, and I wonder how the hell many stupid people often get the power...  :roll:
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I question authority because I've read one too many sci-fi stories/books (Big Brother is a peeping tom! :shakefist: ).
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You never know, if you don't keep Authority in line, then they're going to get out of hand. Everyone needs to keep everyone in line.
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WarriorofHeaven's avatar
I often question authority. I think it's healthy to do that, just to keep them accountable.
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I've collected your stamp for my collection. :D
I always question authority ^_^ it usually get annoyed -_-
do you mind if I print this out and put it on my bag for school? >.<
lol Nice! xD but I sometimes get yelled at for it xP
I hate the "Because I said so" I use to get from my parents.
oh and I might put this on a messenger bag I got for school.
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So wait since this is getting to be kinda popular and you seem to be an authority on this kind of stuff, should I start questioning you?
squireltacoz's avatar
hell yeah! i always do :la:
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Asagi-K-Kurosaki's avatar
...This is awesome, it must be used :love:
BladeDancer190's avatar
Athority: Yes, you had a question?

Momiji-shan13's avatar
I Use This >:D Yes!
Sammonaran's avatar
This also gets added to my stamp collection ;P
ChibiCultist's avatar
im totally using
DJKittyLitter's avatar
Question everything! If we all do, we can be closer to fixing this messed up world and the sinister organizations that are behind it all!
Think for yourself, question authority...
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Very nice stamp. I can't use it, just adding it to my collections to look at sometimes. I'll try to check out the rest of your gallery soon. :)
WoelfinNishi's avatar
*helds hands up*

I use it ^^
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I'll use it if I get a subscription. Now I fav it.
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