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Commissions by Bucketfox

Hello watchers and viewers!

Figured I should update the journal to actually display a reasonable date!
If you're interested, just click on the picture-- the details with how to proceed with commissioning me are within!
I'm willing to draw pretty much anything. ^^
Commissions by Bucketfox
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke

Hello watchers and viewers!

I figured it was high-time I updated my information with more recent content (and better examples). If you're interested, just click on the picture-- the details with how to proceed with commissioning me are within! I'm willing to draw pretty much anything. ^^

Commissions are OPEN~!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 8:16 PM
Commissions [OPEN] by Bucketfox
Commissions are OPEN and I'm willing to take as many as you can throw at me. B]
I'd be willing to take a gander at trades as well, but they don't take priority.

Also, damn,
I just hit 7k this time. Looks like I'm doing something right. <3

Commission Details - [OUTDATED] by Bucketfox
Feel free to drop me a note or a comment here, saying if you're interested! 
I'll have five open, to start, and if I get them done quickly, I might even open more. :3


Also, noticed earlier that I have 6k page views. Not bad for having this account for six years. 
Thanks to you all for that. <3


Half-Body Sketch x 3 
Commissioned 2/8/14 -- FINISHED 2/24/14
Through Space and Time by Bucketfox

No Point Commissions by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Commission Details - [OUTDATED] by Bucketfox
So, as you've likely noticed, I've just added a commission sheet. I'm planning on having this open for the beginning of February; fret ye not! If you're interested, drop me a note, and I'll respond and pencil you in. ^^

Why, you ask? I figured it was about time to open myself up to these sorts of things, given how much improvement I've made over the past year. Not only that, but an alternative source of income would be nice--I'd like to get a new tablet, after all!

So, I just realized that I need a new tablet. Badly. The one I have is awesome, but I keep going off it and can't really make use of some of its features.Or maybe I just needed a new driver for my tablet and to turn on the pen function in Photoshop. Sometimes I forget how to electronics. That being said, I'd still really like a new tablet, so the below still applies. xD Would love to upgrade to the Bamboo Create or Intuos5 Medium, but I sadly I'm not making enough to truly get a new one without doing this!

What would people think of me doing commissions?

I was thinking the prices would be between $5-30, but I'm not sure. I really need to gauge interest on this front.

Let me know in the comments!

Also, as I get closer to my goal, is there any interest in a well-loved Wacom Bamboo Pen?

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So, as all of my watchers have likely noticed (due to the sudden influx of art 'n such), I have arrived back on the internet after a lengthy hiatus of inactivity.

So you should keep watching, considering all the things I should be posting.

Keep your eyes open, folks.

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So, I've gotten a Tumblr 'cause all the cool kids seem to have it.
Sort of an art-bloggy thing, but a little bit of an 'Ask Bukkitfox' thing.

If you're interested, hit me up at [link] and hopefully I'll get something drawn out.

As far as everything else goes, I've been doodling more and getting much more done with my tablet.
It's been good, but I really wish I had a larger tablet. :] Beggars can't be choosers.

Hope you are all enjoying the 'influx' of art I've been posting.

Draw often, draw well!


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I could have posted more,
but I hadn't really gotten around to hooking up a scanner and inking.
I could have doodled more, but didn't because it's been pretty depressing.
I could have done a lot of stuff...

But that's what 2012 is for, right?

Hopefully more things to be up soon, when the motivation kicks in.
Looking into myself a new digital art program.
Going to draw way more and develop a real style. :]

And to all you other dejected artist out there:
Keep going. If I can do it, you can too!

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How Things have Changed

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 1:00 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

It's been ages since I've last written up a post, so I think the people who watch deserve a little bit of knowledge about why I haven't posted in ages.

Basically, at first I didn't have access to the internet. That was a good three to four month period. I know that's not too much of a reason; where I live it's basically everywhere. Could have gone to a friends and asked to upload some stuff.

Then, I was in some pretty heavy emotional turmoil and in the process of moving. Not very conductive of artistry, if you ask me. I can't really  get much done if I feel like I'm being emotionally squashed.

Now, as it is, I'm just being lazy. I haven't drawn anything of super good merit in a while; I'm learning to use references, but I don't give myself enough credit. I feel like I'm just copying blindly. Now I feel like I can't draw without references and I'm crippled. Part of it might be my environment and how things have changed, but I'd like to put most of the blame on my awful artist block. I'm sorry I haven't posted more- and I know most of you don't actually care; you care if I even do post something- but I feel like I should have something posted up every month.

There was a period of time between those things where I went out and bought myself  two new sketchbooks, some nice Prismacolor pencils and black ink markers. I did some drawings of a more provocative nature and I was also drawing more in the newer sketchbooks. Those are the drawing you see that I've recently posted. It's small stuff, but it's something that I hope you guys enjoy.

Active Friends: :iconkaiyuf: :iconhfoursaur: :iconsimply-irenic:

Inspiration: :iconvarethane: :iconjubilations: :iconponcy-rogue: :iconsandara:

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My college career approaches on swift wings and I, after a few months of art-block, have come back to the wonderful world of Deviantart with a sense of accomplishment and competence. It feels good to feel good.

Perhaps soon I will brave the dangerous waters of drawing more anime and dragons...?

Perhaps. In the mean time, I will dream of jobs and getting commissions done and writing.
Now that I think of it, I should start writing soon...


Commissions are open, however, I would love to do Art Trades. ^^ I have a long list of characters that I've never had drawn before. Lest by better men.

(Be warned, I have this anti-social tendency that makes me never finish things...

It could be laziness. >.>)

By the way, you should all check these really awesome artists out!

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With the first day of senior year looming on the sunset, I find myself wondering about what will happen. I'm taking a butt load of art classes-- might even pick up drawing and painting, though Advanced Art Seminar looks like more than enough--and hoping that my Opens will be able to carry me through the year with enough sanity left to trudge awkwardly onto college.

But whilst I was sitting in the passengers seat, watching the sunlit grains sway to and fro in the breeze, I felt a surge of creative desire pulse through me. I want to do art and I know it. I have to get over my fat head and heavy procrastination streak and just /do/. Develop my style, as I see my friends doing.

However...I've been working on System Arc as well-- however scarcely it may be. I have a good feeling about the website; it's got some really good potential for getting big, and I've got the chance to practice my writing! I'm creating a world, for goodness sake.

With help, at least.

So, Is art something I should even think about perusing? Or should I just throw in the towel and stick to my half-decent writing skills (as seen on the account Marberry-Darknose)?

I'd love your input and you know it.


Please enjoy this shameless advert.
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So, it seems, I have not posted anything here in the longest of times!

I have sketched much less than I had hoped this summer, but it seems that it comes in good time. Arknam and I have created a Fantasy/Sci-Fi roleplaying site via Proboards and are beginning to shape it's magnificent being into something beautiful...

Well, not really. x3

Honestly, I'm just excited at the prospect of roleplaying again. Already shaped out most of the foundation of the world, and just doing some finishing touches.

Welcome to the world, System Arc.

Otherwise, I've gone to see the new Harry Potter three times already, done some fantastic camping and hung out with friends a little. I must admit, I do get very anti-social. Call me anytime, really. ^^ I don't do much and I'm willing to see some change.

My D&D campaign is coming to a churning beginning as well, which I must continue writing up what is to happen next session (As well as doodle some things up. =])

Fantastic summer so far. Christ, I'm senior.

College, don't come too fast.

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So it's wonderful summer already, huh?

Joy. Sketching has been as bountiful as it usually is, which to say is not very much. At least I've been keeping my mind at least a little occupied. Which means...

I've created another character! Oh, indeed. The Shakespearean Woman, Elizabeth 'Eli' Hawthorne. A lovely tan-skinned, dark-haired, hazel-eyed woman who hides her true identity to the world because she is ashamed of it.

Will be posting a picture of her rather soon, me hopes. When I feel that it's adequately finished. (Nevar! xD)

Anyhoo, feel free to comment...or something.


My thoughts exactly.
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Hey guys.

Not much has been happening lately- as usual- but hey. At least I got two new sketchbooks with which I can dazzle your mind.

I'm actually looking for someone to commission a few of my characters for digital drawings. However, I wouldn't mind a few of the traditional either.

I've just created a new little steam-punkish boy (Ace) and would enjoy more drawings of a few of my other characters. I'd be willing to accept Art trades and free ones, but seeing as I'm low on the green stuff...


Oh well. We'll see what happens.
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Now that I've come to the conclusion that I'm entirely a lazy piece of crap that's only worthy to sit behind a table and play video-games for hours upon hours of time, I think I'll go swing around.

I went to that whole Currier Art Museum thing, and they told me that I was a runner up for getting into the contest and, should anybody not be able to or not want to make it, that I would be allowed to join. For the small price of a hundred dollars, of course.

Like I have that money. -Chuckles.-

Check list of things I should do?

Well, first, finish those commissions maybe.
Second, write like you actually should be, you git.
Third, don't treat yourself like a creative piece of crap. xD

Yeaaaah. Lovely times in Emmaville.

Every roleplaying site I go to is never the same as Ravenblack, sadly. I've tried the Vulpine Imperium, Terrouge, Althanas, a few smaller roleplaying sites. Even self made forums. They never work out quite the way they should, of course. Goodness, even my typing is beginning to fail me. Oh noes!

It's very silly when people try to talk to me when I have my noise canceling headphones on. I wish they would realize that. It's like they'll get mad at me if I don't respond. Gosh, I just can't hear you!


Hung out with Arknam today. Not much else other than that. It was a snow day, of course.

Hope you're all still enjoying the inklings of art that dribble out from this nearly dead account.

-Bows, and retreats.-
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I know nobody ever reads these. xD I know I don't.
So sue me, right?

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

Hurry, someone throw confetti.

So, I had a New Years party, got a Tripod and Camera Bag (as well as loads of money, ah HAH) for Christmas, ate more Ham than I ever wanted to and got my ass spanked more than once.

How very...unfortunate.

Anyways, swaying away from awkward. I've really wanted to write for months and haven't been able to. I mean, I did just write a novel, but I'm really jonsing for...what say...roleplaying?


I'm also having a problem with chosing between a tablet and an XBox 360 to buy. Arknam says he'll help me out a bit, but I really don't want him paying for more than...well, more than I have. xD Plus, I just don't think he should spend his hard earned money on me.

...Wow, I feel so greedy when I'm around him sometimes. He's all like,

And I'm all like,
">_> ...-Hoard.-"

Woe. Well, I do want to get both of them. One is just a little more likely to be supremely outdated anytime soon. -coughtabletcough.-

Isn't it funny how the companies just discard their game stations when they're done with them? No more games or anything. That why I thought it was interesting when the guys at Sony and SquareEnix came out with the new Kingdom Hearts game. I still don't know what it's about. I kinda hope it's what I heard; the whole first game in the perspective of Riku. I mean, I do kinda have the hots for that kid. xD -Chuckles.-

Erm...I really should start drawing more, huh? I seemed to have picked up a new eye style, so if you guys don't like it, sorry, but it's much easier to draw. More me too. Halfway between realism and anime. -Shrugs.- I can dream about being as good as Jubilations, Kisukaite, and all the other awesome artists.

See, the problem is that I want to be a good artist too much, and thus when I look at other peoples art I just get distressed and go OH CRAP OH CRAPPY WTF WHY CANT I DO THAT -FLAIL.-

-Nods sagely.- But I'll kick it and get better. Maybe what I need is one of those people to tell me that I'm doing alright. -Chuckles.- That I have all the potential to grow and be as amazing as they are and perhaps even make money off of what pitiful shreds of talent I have. xD

I'm so terrible to myself.

Please, do ignore that past section.

Anyways, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Whatever-mas and a Happy New Year.

-Takes a bow.-

(Oh,and in case you want to look at how awesome those before mentioned artists are...


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You finally wake up.

Ayer: OMG I KILL SOMETHING RAAAWR. -Denies, Roars, Cries, Blames, Bargins, then accepts.-






But, alas, this is not new and is totally beating an old dead horse. I was drooling over another tablet today. The totally awesome one from Wacom that doubles as a monitor. Totally worth the 1,299 dollars that it is.

Will probaby buy myself a Wacom tablet, 9x12 if I can. That might be a bit big and expensive for me, but whatever.
Again, thanks to all the artists who fuel my fire for creativity, the list grows ever onward and can only be expressed with one big-


You guys rock.


Two months worth of journals in a list: NaNoWriMo (Three Blackbirds), D&D, Magic: the Gathering, New Zelda Music, School Sucks, Art Contest for Photography.

...So, I heard that Arknam is gonna take me out to dinner and a movie. Quantum of the Solace, and I am so psyched. I'm gonna dress up and everything. I've never really been out on a more formal date like that...

Hehe. -Girl crush.- Almost a whole year.

Haven't played D&D in like, three weeks and I'm wanting to. Graphic Arts class bites the big one. We're, like, learning stuff from the seventies. Horrible, I say.

Lets get to something more modern, eh?

Lazy. I don't want to do crap right now.

In fact, I won't even finish this.

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Your kills are stolen, but since god pitys you, you'll get the same amount of Exp. that they got.




Do not want.

Also, why am I the only one without a job. I WANT MUNNYZ.


Anyways. Back on track.

My creative spurt seems to have hit another dead spot, but I'm anticipatin' that it'll come back soon. Like, after this weekend. Hopefully.

I'm just hoping that this little art contest I've got going on the VI will work out. I really want to see my charries drawn. -Beams.- Mainly CG'd, but...not all wishes come true, right?

I've seen the thing that Kisukaite has been doing with the comparing of her old works and newer ones. ENVIOUS. They look so good on both! Gah, hopefully I'll get that good soon. Here's thanks to all the artist on DA that fuel my artistic fire (Zaphk, Messa, Kisu, Lan, Ari, Sakimi). Hopefully someday I'll be on your level, without the copying of styles and etc. that some other artists adopt. Of course, I believe that every artist's work I've ever seen somehow factors into my own style. But I suppose that's just how it works, eh? (Sorry to all the artists that I never give any credit to for snagging their poses.)


Out of the art world and into the real one.

Junior testing is the suck, even with its bagels and free cartons of Orange juice and water. Somehow lining up in the Gym, being told to shut up, doing tests, and acting like we're about to be shot or sent off to some prison camp isn't appealing.

On the bright side, it's four day weekend and the Renaissance Faire happens to be on Saturday and SUNDAY. My costume is somewhere and I'll look damn good it it (;D), but not be able to buy ANYTHING and continue mooching off of my Mom. Ah, the world of un-work. (Damn you, Arknam)

Can't wait for Halloween parties later in the month and D&D Campaigns hopefully sooner to start up.

Also, I seriously love Arknam.


Waiting List:

1.Tess R. Darkstar (Full)
2.Shawn's Raccoon (Full)
3.Sabu C. Sozinhastrang (Full)
4.Alazne Sendoa (Full)
5.Lizzy G. Emule (Bust)
6.Zhang [Long Mantis] (Full)
7.Lauren from Chemistry Class (Chibi)

Friends. :heart:


VI Buddies. :heart:

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You see a Halfling cowering in a shadow and towering over her a massive Male DragonBorn. A short distance away Human and Half-Elf seem to be having a small disagreement, and an Eladrin is giving an Elf odd looks. Beers float through the air. What do you do?

Still rollin' away. I feel rather proud of myself. I'm commissioning and getting commissioned left and right, and with it my confidence is boosted. Horrah for the VI! (

Still working on style, but I guess my own style is rather...obvious. I can't seem to think much outside the lines, as it were. I really wish my stuff looked more professional, but that's what practice is for, right?

Speaking of practice, I'm starting to like this Graphic Arts course a little more. Learning how to do font things, icon things, and the basics in Photoshop- all over again.

It's a little repetitive, but I need it. My skills in the shop are very much lacking. xD

Mood: Improving.

I think I'm starting to get a bit of a cold, though. I FEEL IT. Coming. (Hold back on naughty jokes, you fiends.)


Out of the world of art, I'm just waiting for the Renaissance Fair and more D&D tournaments. Making my own dice bag, 'cos Jeff just gifted me new dice. Bought a bunch of pretty opalescent copper-green ones to go with the Oreo ones I have. God, being a nerd is awesome. We make all the money off the accessories.

Love rocks, too.

Waiting List:

1.Tess R. Darkstar (Full)
2.Shawn's Raccoon (Full)
3.Sabu C. Sozinhastrang (Full)
4.Alazne Sendoa (Full)
5.Lizzy G. Emule (Bust)

(Also to be Drawn: Ahmina Sands, DragonBorn Paladin)

Friends. :heart:


VI Buddies. :heart: