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In alternate-timeline New York, Demons have been quarantined to a place known as the 'Zone' which covers the entire island of Manhattan and bits and pieces of the surrounding area. Demons are often horrifying mutated humans with histories traced back to drug-fueled binges that mutated their very genetic code, be they with massive jaws, pointed teeth, or monsters that no longer hold a human shape. Naeberius is one of those demons, hiding his true form behind his best impression of a New York bum. In reality, he's a six-legged spiny reptile with binding saliva and the power of regeneration. Working with 'Brad's Bounty Hunting Co.', he is their crowd control... among other things.


This feels pretty sketchy, but I'm happy enough to post it. We'd been talking about Naeberius' appearance for a while so I finally decided to draw him... whatever weird kind of creature he is. Threw in a bunch of Komodo Dragon, some Spiny Lizard, a bit of Ball Python, and the butt of a frog for... whatever this is. To be honest, I love how this turned out.

Intous Medium - Clip Paint Studio EX
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