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New Year, same old commission sheet. Spruced it up a little, but I'm open!

Terms of Service
  • I reserve the rights to the artwork produced and the right to decline a commission.
  • Commissioned art cannot be used for commercial use unless discussed with me first. This includes prints, use of the art on merchandise, etc.
  • You will not reupload the art onto a site without linking it to any of my pages. You will not upload the art on to any art-oriented website, including but not limited to: DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc.
  • I will send you a copy of  the .PNG file, but upon request will send the merged PSD version.
  • Commissions are available through Paypal Invoices ONLY!
  • Payment will occur after negotiation, but before drawing begins.
  • Commissions take anywhere from one to four weeks variable on detail. Sketches and WIP images may be sent during this process.
  • If I am unable to complete the commission, the commissioner will be refunded in full.
  • If you wish to cancel your commission, a partial refund will be given based on the the stage of the commission at the time. If I have yet to begin the commission, you will be refunded in full. 
  • While the commission is in the sketch stage, I will ask you for your opinion on the piece. Pose, details, etc may be changed.
  • Once the lineart stage of the commission begins, further revision will not be accepted.
  • Delayed response to these inquiries will result in delays to the commission.
Terms of Art
  • Prices are negotiable based on level of detail. This includes the amount of the character seen (Bust, Full, etc), level of shadow, and coloring type.
  • There will be additional charges for extra characters, pets, backgrounds, and other large details. These vary based on level of detail.
  • Maps, Logos, Icons, Banners, and so on, though not listed are open to price discussion.
  • PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES. Though I will draw from text reference, I reserve the right to artistic vision.
  • The list of things that I will draw is far longer than the list of what I wont; This includes NSFW, Fan-art, Pin-up, and OC’s. 
  • I will not draw Gore, Scat, or characters under the age of consent in adult situations. 

or just hit me up here on DeviantArt, Tumblr or Twitter via message/ask/mail.

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