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Bexley's Dragon

By Bucketfox
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My mother sang to me when I was a child,
How our family's line was destined to herald,
We'd been born from a line that had sung to rest,
A deadly dragon, the Breath's source his chest,
She'd tasked to me to end this world's blight,
If only I'd first lay my head down for the night.


Johnny Bexley, bard of notoriety only to himself, took it upon himself to set out after his people had been the target of Arcane Genocide. With little in his mind but his failures, he thought that maybe... just maybe there was a shred of truth to his mother's night-time nursery rhymes. He set North, trusty Broom of Flying between his legs, and hoped that maybe one day people would sing his tales instead.

I made this as the token for a big boss monster that got taken out in less than five turns. That's the way of things, I guess. He was a Green Dragon with the Fungal template, among a few other things.


Clip Paint Studio EX - Wacom Intous Medium
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