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Theme 0: Tacey

Contest entry for TheOC-pageantOfDA

Name of OC: Tacey
Tell us bit them: One of my first OCs. 
Would it be alright for you if someone drew this character (in a respective way of course) : Yes
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Good to see you enter the pageant again! She's cute, hope to learn more about her :')!

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Cute character in a cute style :D Not a lot of info on this one... I'm going to try and guess what they're like! First guess is that it's a she, and I imagine that with her floaty appearance that she does a lot of daydreaming. Aside from being an artist, she keeps a diary in which she writes down all she sees... Her room is a mess, which she is apologetic about? Perhaps prone to feeling flushed/embarrassed but in a cute way? :thinking: Or perhaps she's just shy. Hmm, well I'm probably completely wrong but those are my first guesses :D

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Yeah! Most of your guesses are right, especially the shy personality and messy room! No, she doesn't really have a diary per say, more like she has a journal she writes stories in everyday. A very big daydreamer, spends most of her time daydreaming about storylines. She doesn't write down everything she sees, just things that gives her an idea or interest her. But yeah, overall, good guess! :D

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She looks like a fun character!

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