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Heck yes, Dynasty Warriors is a supar fun game. I'm cosplaying as Sun Shang Xiang (character pictured above) and it'l be my new ID once I get chances to get pictures.

I finished this one yesterday, BUT SINCE MIYAVI ANNOUNCED HIS TOUR DATES AND LOCATIONS, I WAS PREOCCUPIED WITH SPAZZING. Anywhoo, this is the longest I've spent on a picture (20+ hours, spread over two weekends). I think there are some anatomy mistakes, but I can't really see them, so please critique on that and coloring ect ect. I got a new computer, so the colors are different than my old one (which was super colorful and blacks were actually not gray. : P) Third background I've tried, and I'm still not happy with it, so this is still a work in progress.

SO: Alternate background suggestions, critque heavily on coloring, anatomy, shading, aestetic value, ect ect.

photoshop CS
Wacom Tablet
About 20 hours
Stock: [link]
Sun Shang Xiang
Dynasty Warriors 5 (Koei)
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