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under the heart-tree

Based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin.
And again, if you haven't read all the volumes yet, please, don't look too closely.
Kind of the Stark family reunion :)
gel pens + graphics program
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This image is just everything! Beautifully done. So in love with it

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Love the labyrinth of branches and all the figures you can find within :)
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Ahhh it's you who did this magnificent piece! I found it through a Google image search for weirwood trees... it is the homscreen on my phone so I see it quite a lot :D
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wow !! magnifique 
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oh!incredible!this style is so cool!LOVE ITHeart 
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Oh! This is marvellous!!!
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Amazing illustrative style  :Orange-orb: 
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gel pens.... very cool.
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Wonderful so detailed
Amazing, absolutely Best picture to Asoiaf 
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So detailed , Wonderful!
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So beautiful, as always!
Damn those details are stunning!
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... Oh  my god, your work is so... emotional. 
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Oh wow, this is unbelievable! 
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Fabulous! Can I purchase a large print of this piece?
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Astohishing, well-thought and really beautifull.
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This is so beautiful with all the details!
Very nice. Do  you do commissioned pieces?
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Wow! I love this ♡
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This is fantastic. I love your art style.
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