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The Lannister Family

If you haven't read all the volumes yet, please, don't look too closely; there are spoilers all over it.
Gel pens + graphics program
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Thank you TV Tropes for leading me to this image.

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u need to make joff torture something 
Saw your art in a imgur dump and searched far and wide for the original. Absolutly beautiful and creepy in all the right ways. I'm adding your devianart account in the comments of the imgur post so you might get some credit for your awesome work! Keep it up :)
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Perfect characterization!
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Why does tyrion look like a zombie?
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I didnt read the books myself, but i heard that Tyrion lost his nose and got a huge scar in the battle of blackwater.
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He lost his nose! :o
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I Love it! <3
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adams Family meets Game of Thrones. :D
I like :D
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One of my favorite fan art of game of thrones
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I agree with thelastoilmat is the mix between GOT & Burton....So cool
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looks like what Game of thrones would look like if Tim Burton was in charge
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I love the creepy vibe of this piece, especially Tommen and sir Pounce. You're my favorite ASoIaF artist for sure, mind blown.
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can that be a video game please omg lol
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Tommen and ser pounce, that is adorable 
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The Tim Burton style seems to fit well with the Lannister family, and the dark colors show the insanity in the family as well. Great job!
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who's the guy with the skull?
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This is amazing! If you don't mind me asking, where is this from? It looks very interesting Emilia Smile Icon 
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