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"Leave her face," Joffrey commanded. "I like her pretty."
Boros slammed a fist into Sansa’s belly, driving the air out of her. When she doubled over, the knight grabbed her hair and drew his sword, and for one hideous instant she was certain he meant to open her throat. As he laid the flat of the blade across her thighs, she thought her legs might break from the force of the blow. Sansa screamed. Tears welled in her eyes. It will be over soon. She soon lost count of the blows.
"Enough," she heard the Hound rasp.
"No it isn’t," the king replied. "Boros, make her naked."

"A Clash of Kings" by G.R.R.M

Illustration for chapter 32 of ACoK, commissioned by Laura (Elle)
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I really like the look the hound gives Joffery. The details are very good too!

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The end for that incestuous bastard was too light.
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I absolutely love the quality of your illustrations! The line texture is beautiful and the details are so careful and thoughtful. Exquisite.
TheRavensBastard39's avatar
(Tyrion crying in outrage and disgust) "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!"
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The Seven only know what Sandor wanted to do to Joffrey in this scene.
SeraphenaParks's avatar
This is so pretty! What mediums did you use?
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Now that I look at it the Hound has been very cool with House Stark. 
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minus that whole "raid" thing, but who HASN'T attacked the Starks openly?
alh1971's avatar
This is perfection. I love the depiction of Sandor in this work, the seething rage and danger emanating from his face and stance. Also Sansa's fragile, wounded beauty shines through in such a poignant way. Amazing. I love it so much...
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The atmosphere and lighting are beautiful and well done!
star-aki's avatar
WOW! This is a beautiful piece of artwork!! Kudos <3
SilverSidhe's avatar
Thanks for showing me more of my favourite character, Sandor Clegane. I love your work.
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I love this part of the story very much ^^ especially when Tyrion entered the hall and ordered Joff (the f**kin' bastard *coughs) to stop :D and when Sandor covered Sansa with his cloak :( it was kind of sad, somehow...
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I don't know if I commented already on this one or not, but it doesn't matter, I'll say it again: absolutely perfect depiction of this scene. Love it with all of my heart. <3
bubug's avatar
Thank you guys, glad you like it :)
LadyMarinaKa-Fai's avatar
Is this Lancel on the very left, in red?
ladygwynhyfvar's avatar
As usual your attention to detail is amazing, and you've really captured the emotion in this scene. How even Joffrey could carry on in the face of that *look* from Sandor is anyone's guess ;) Well done!
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All I can say is wow! I have been following your art for sometime. With each new Sansa and Sandor drawing you completely outdo yourself.
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Beautiful depiction, love the perspective, and how Sandor and Sansa are looking at us. You have an amazing art style!
SwiftSnowmane's avatar
Perfect depiction of a brutal, heart-wrenching scene. You have captured each character so well, especially the wrath upon Sandor's face. And the decision to frame via Joffrey's point of view is brilliant. 
Alone-bird's avatar
awesom and gorgeous at all :)
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Gorgeous! As beautifully done as all your artwork, but in your latest pictures, this one included,the expression on the characters' faces keeps getting better and better. I love them even more for that.
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