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Valentine's Day OC Icon Pack

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Decided to do these since I was bored. Feel free to use them! Just credit me as the maker. :D
In this pack are: Eden, Kitty, Ashleigh, Ausiana, Billie, Charlie, Fliera, Jesse, Kenzie, Gabby, Mya & Trinity, Nikki, Rachelle, and Rebecca.

All OCs (c) BubblyPunkKat
People used (c) themselves
Photos found on google and psd-dreams
Edited with gimp
© 2014 - 2021 BubblyPunkBitch
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These are all, like, so gorgeous. <3 I love that all of them includes the same background, its really simple and lovely and it fits the theme just perfectly and it makes them all really look like they are a full set together ~
The Fliera and Jesse ones must be my favorites, but they all look really lovely. The Fliera one has amazing coloring and her colors go so well with the background, it looks so natural! And Jesse's hair color looks amazing, its so bright and gorgeous. <3
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Aw thank you! I was going through a bunch of patterns that I have and that one seemed to fit the best.
I'm glad to hear that you like them. :D