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Meme OC: Branden Hawthorne

Name: Branden Hawthorne
Age: 22
Fandom: Not set
Song: "All In"-Lifehouse
Bio: Growing up as the "smart kid" Branden was a bit of a loner and had trouble making friends. As he got older, his awkwardness continued to take over. When someone would try to talk to him, he would converse using huge intellectual words and the person would eventually walk away, leaving Branden alone again. Then he met  Cassie. Cassie befriended the awkward nerd when they were paired up in Chemistry. It was her master plan to break him out of his shell, which he disagreed about. Now that he's in college, along with Cassie, he's finally listening to her words and deciding that a change is necessary. He's trying to boost his confidence and speak in a more "normal" way, while maybe even trying to get the person of his dreams.
Reference: Matthew Gray Gubler

My first in the OC Meme: Round #2! I'll be freehand drawing them all, as it's so much fun. Plus it gives a better idea of what they look like. So, Branden's #1. He oddly looks like one of the guys here at college, face and style wise, which I find totally creepy. O.o Hope you like it! :D
Branden Hawthorne (c) LilMissTrickster
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I really like him and how he sounds so far! Awkward intellectual nerds are adorable~ :3
And he looks really nice, I love the simple look with the details mainly concentrating on the face area with the glasses and the freckles, hes so cute. I wouldnt mind seeing more of him and hearing how his story continues to unfold!
BubblyPunkBitch's avatar
They truly are. :XD:
And thank you! It's still up in the air if I'm keeping him or not, but I'm sure I can pull out another drawing anyways. ;D