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Mysterious Mr. Enter

This deviation is of :iconmrenter: a popular reviewer on youtube who does reviews for cartoon shows that are eather really good (refered to as "Admirable Animations") or really bad (refered to as "Animation Atocites"). And a few best and worst lists. I was a bit suprised to see him here on DA but it's still good to know he's here too. I've only just started watching him but so far I think he's actually pretty cool. John Enter, if you're looking at this deviation (which is doubtful) I hope you like it! :)
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I HATE him so much! Here's my message to him:
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I hope he gets hit by a bus going far far away.

Also fuck you :iconjeremyx2000:
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Haters are not any better than fanboys.
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Nice!  I like this guy.
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Great work! I especially like the "Keep Moving Forward"! It really gives off that motivational feeling!
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The art style reminds me of a simplified Fire Emblem for whatever reason.
This is pretty good!
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I just found out about his YouTube account today.

He has my full support. He is one of my favorite YouTube users.
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He is arguably one of the most well-worded and he-does-things-extremely-well-thought-out people in the internet. He is easily 10 times better than the Nostalgia Critic.
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He's reaching for the stars now. Mr. Enter has come far indeed.
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I've noticed that he puts in a more intense blend of logic and emotion behind his arguments than most
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