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This is Triangular

“..and this bit ain't”
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TargetWolf's avatar
Incredible artwork. Love the close up of the lion and the leopard in background. They all look very realistic
HunterBeingHunted's avatar
I love the composition and the light! Also the angle of view makes it kinda dramatic with that lighting! :) Beautiful piece!
Velvet-Softpaws's avatar
the one closest to the front<3
gIassmoth's avatar
Wow, incredible lighting and detailing on this. *^*
SLeopard's avatar
wonderful work Heart

a lost time .... or a unwritten future Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] 
jboweruk's avatar
Fantastic work as usual BW. Always look forward to seeing more from you.
BubbleWolf's avatar
Hope ya come back dude!
praxcrown5's avatar
Great work.  Love all of the little details. 
Kwayera's avatar
I've never wanted to attend a meeting more than I've wanted to attend this one.
WinterCritter's avatar
Hm, what is going on here exactly? Beautiful artwork as always.
DBrentOGara's avatar
Beautiful contrasts, really amazing figure, lovely poses and expressions! :D That city outside the windows makes me want to explore. :D
DarkstripeShadowpaw's avatar
It seems that not everyone cares.
jboweruk's avatar
That's because... Lion, and Lions are lazy by nature, lol.
RedWolfmoon's avatar
Wow...... like.....zomg le beaut <3
Dragoreon's avatar
I have fallen in love with your work at first sight :D The storytelling and the lighting are amazing! They perfectly show the passion you've put into them. It's just beautiful to see the delicacy of the scene.
weremagnus's avatar
What beautiful control of complex lighting here!
Kuro-o-neko's avatar
Awesome. Really.
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