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"Not so pleasant"
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Faved as usual, not seen you in ages BW; good to see some more work incoming. I admit I've been out of the loop a bit though so might have missed some. lol
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Glad you're still enjoying my work :-)! Yeah I haven't been uploading so much in recent times but I have got a bunch of new images on the go so I'll be stepping that up over the rest of the year. Hope you are well!
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Yes thank you, nursing a broken heart but other than that I am indeed well. Hope you are too my friend.
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That's not very good! I recommend some arting as a bit of therapy :-]!
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Sorry for late reply but a lot been going on. I will be doing some modelling soon; catching up on stuff that I've missed out on, hehe. All the best, hope you are well.
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Some people thought it was a good idea to make a furry version of #Selfie
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The face on the right is priceless.
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this is fantastic!
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gorgeous work :love:
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Love the lighting, it's very believable.
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wow I can see here a lot of work and time spent :) 
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What is the story behind this?
Judging by their clothes and concerned looks on their faces I think the couple has some financial problems and came in for a loan. What do you think?
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I suppose you are right :)
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