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Hanako Hayashi

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Published: July 15, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 BubblesTea
I wanted to wait until I got all of my other OCs drawn, but I kind of fell in love with this. She's too adorable! <//A//> ♥

Anyways, here's Hanako Hayashi [はなこ はゃし]! The daughter of Daichi Hayashi & Kimiko Yakamashi. She looks more like her father, though. ^u^;;
I had a lot of people on my Join.Me help with the colours, so thanks to all! xD

Some Facts on Hanako
• Hanako's name literally translates to "Flower Child"
• Hanako was born a month premature due to some complications. Since she was born earlier than she should have been, she has some health issues like anemia and Respiratory Distress Syndrome
• She was going to be an older sister, but her sibling, Rina [リナ] died in a miscarriage.
• She is always seen wearing a bow. Whether it be in her hair, on her neck or on her clothes.
• Her mother wishes for Hanako to study and learn about plants and herbs.
• Hanako has a love for cats.
• Hanako is technically a bastard as her parents have never married.

Other Pictures of Hanako

:iconbubblesdafrog: © Hanako Hayashi, Daichi Hayashi, Kimiko Yakamashi, Rina Hayashi & Artwork
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I have a character with simular hair!! :DD But the character has soft blue eyes and light purple hair..umm like her eyes~ <3 cool
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Oh cool! Thank you! c:
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YOU!How dare you to create something so unbearably cute!I wanna grab her, squeeze her, eat her...
BubblesTea's avatar
Baww,I'msososorryIswearIwillneverdothisagain!Icouldn'thelpitsoforgiveme! :iconcryforeverplz:

D'aww, thank you so much~ >u> ♥
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Hehe sorry I didnt mean to sound so harsh.:)But I havent seen a little kunoichi OC so far so cute.
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Pfft, I was kidding too. xD
I'm glad you like her~ <333
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RavenVSFalconHobbyist General Artist
Awww :iconawwwplz:
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LuckiiNanaHobbyist General Artist

sooo cute *A*
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Heeeee, thank you~ :iconchuuplz:
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Hyuuga-meHobbyist General Artist
SOOOO pretty :iconhappyblueplz:
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Hurrrrrr, thank you so much~ e//v//e ♥
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omg she so cuteeeeeeeeee:iconpapcryplz:
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Thank you, love~ ♥

We can make beautiful children together toooooooo~ *shotdead*
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omgg, go to make it nooooooooow<333 *megashot
BubblesTea's avatar

I am very okay with this~ e//v//e
He/She would have your eyes~ v//u//v
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flkasfnjashdnsa omg >//v//<
BubblesTea's avatar
And your crown too! *u*
But my unruly hair. e'v'e

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omgush, it's a bealtiful bby<'333333333333333333333
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Yes. This has got to be my favourite baby of alllll~ *u* ♥

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AnnicholeHobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cuteeeeee! :iconwantplz:
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Hurrrrr~ e//v//e
I'm glad you think so! ♥

Mineeeeeee~ xD
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AnnicholeHobbyist Digital Artist

-kidnaps and runs-
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