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February 5, 2006
She's a Rebel by ~bubblegumcandy16 A wonderfully detailed Vexel work here, reminiscent of a traditional airbrush work. I particularily like the metal work adding contrast to the soft hair and facial colour tones.
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She's a Rebel

Named after a song by Green Day.

This isn't really a vector, it's a vexel... however there are no categories for vexels ahaha.

OK so you all probably think this was a strange piece for me to vexel. I love it though because I LOVE locks, Angelina Jolie is a great actress, and the blue reflection in her eye was really pretty to me. I also wanted a challenge.

I am well aware the background doesn't match. I don't like it, but after I added it I was to lazy to try to figure out something out... SO DEAL WITH IT! MWAHAHAH....

The shirt looks weird because I added it without a reference... so don't tell me that.

I love how the eyes, bracelet, and lock turned out. They make me all happy inside. I think I'm really getting better at vexeling.

Total amount of layers: 549
Hours: I imagine I spent between 25-35 hours on this piece... It took me weeeeeeeks
Detail @ 100%: [link]

Hahah random fact: The down side to this photo was it reminded me of one time when I was wearing my big lock necklace (which I made... I went to a hardware store and bought a lock, then I went to the pet store and bought some chain lol). After a Green Day concert I went to, I climbed over the seat to get in the back and the necklace I was wearing smashed into my teeth. Ouch. At least they weren't injured O_o............. (thus the green day song title)
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This is really nice! :heart: I first saw this picture on a blog. :)
Agent-Z7's avatar
Green Day <3
love how you draw the lips and tongue.
Great Details in it
nikki286's avatar
i love angie she is hot. i love her. this is a nice piece. good job.
luzifersdaughter's avatar
..She's a saint. She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous. :D
I loooove this song & the pic is awesome. :love:
as-lee's avatar
I will/maybe using this as part of a collage. You will be cited (via deviantart). PLEASE contact me if you would not like your work used. Thank you!
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Fiery-Fire's avatar
One or more of your stunning vector/ vexel images has been featured in my Journal >>> [link]
Hope you like it :blowkiss:

If you don't wish to be featured, please let me know.
KillerGirl's avatar
You are so amazing! :D
I love all your artwork, you have a gift.
biom1ko's avatar
"hmmmm looks yummy!!!"
BeautifulBizarreMag's avatar
Your amazing work has been featured in the "Women in Art" - Part III (Vector/Vexel) Newsletter [link] :heart:
themarkster's avatar
Not bad at all. Maybe you could've tried using darker tones for the shadows to create more depth and realism in the vexel.
IsaBella87's avatar
endlessbloodydream's avatar
WOAH..this is fantastic..she's my favourite do you do this stuff? :-s..
Oh man, that's totally awesome. Any chance you've got that work in a higher res? I'd love to put it up as my wallpaper.
Lolitagirlie-stock's avatar
Hi there, i was wondering if you would use my stock photos to create a vexel of me..i adore your wonderful work!
fabioricci's avatar
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FINALLY, I mean I always look for this picture to show to other Angie fan friends of mine XD I don't know why I never favorited it before
Episoded's avatar
fav :)
Fjumanka's avatar
i like it...very much if i may add...not just because angie is my favorite actress... :) lock is perfect... didn't see the backround everybody is talking about :) it... :clap:
bubblegumcandy16's avatar
chiqababe's avatar
ive fallen in love....
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