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:iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver posted a status
I don't stop works half way, sooooo this comic that you guys will support will be posted alternate weeks with Oliver! :) (Smile)

Simply comment with the 1, 2, 3 in the activity comments section or this section.--

Remember, choose the comic you would be paying for if you had the money or you have money!

1. Unsele- Sedna is not a happy camper. From being kicked into a lake by her abusive dad at age 5 for simply trying to stop a fight between her parents to her silly Mom getting kidnapped by a giant at age 13, resulting in her having to embark on a quest to save the ditzy dame who birthed her. Oh and did I mention our hero was born under a dual star, causing her to get into sticky situations due to her unlucky star buuut her luck from the lucky star getting out of said situations. Will Sedna's luck run out before she gets to her mom as she journeys on the trail of the giant dweeb who pifered her mother , battling hordes of his monstrous minions? Find out! ((Tons of mythological references, mostly Irish , Norwegian , Icelandic , Scottish , African, American , Inuit legends with a trickster main character))

2. Perfectly Norma! - Norma  Just is a simmering wreck due to Groundhog day taking place in her DREAMS. Over and over she has repeated dreams of a flying boy. Oh and there's the question of a stalker. Leaving to her nearly upsetting her study regime, her meal ticket out of poverty. When she finds out her stalker is the same freak who is haunting her dreams, little does Norma know that it opens a whole new , exciting, maguical...And dangerous world she never knew existed due to her head being in her books. (( Tons of manga references, emotional , teenagers figuring stuff on their own, oh and some nut who wants to trigger the apocalypse))

3. Letters to Hero-   A comic about love and loss. When Pirate Captain , Hero Wild saves the life of a little girl named Gertrude , they begin a correspondence and deep friendship that lasts.... Even after Hero's death as Gertrude writes letter after letter detailing her growth from an abused slave used as cheap labor by her own father to a reputable pirate captain of her own 'write', with a very unusual ability. For Gertrude's ability to write letters is so good , it makes anyone who reads them fall in love with the person who delivers it. When her collection of letters from childhood TO Hero get stolen, Gertrude sets sail to find her letters and make the thieves walk the plank! ((Adventure, comedy,feels, cute , romance

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