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:iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver posted a status
To Potato-Yi  and milkiatte  ((Not sure if I am doing this right. But lemee know please if you got notified cuz I'm super bad at tech.) Anyway, due to stupid update
and me throwing a hissy fit I took down the status update before I woke up next day and realized the others would not be able to see my update and the stupidity of my actions. Let it be said I'm not the brightest .__. Soooo, I'll be creating another post . But I just wanna say, thank you for giving such insightful and thoughtful answers. I really like the idea also of a serious-ish pirate captain. But fun also is super nice, we shall have to see but it appears SRS is in the lead. SO thank you the both of you, you rule! 

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Potato-Yi Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Student General Artist
I try my best to help if I can. x3
Comedy gets the mood going(or something along those lines?), but serious characters are kinda cool. xD
But welp, best of luck with your comic~ :dummy:
milkiatte Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Aaah no problem, I'm glad I could help <3 And good luck with your comic ^_^
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