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:iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver posted a status
Heyyyyy everyone reading this! I'm still drawing Sweet Polly Oliver no worries but I need your help.

 I am in the process of creating a comic about pirates and the hero/idol of the main character who is a badass female pirate captain, should she be serious or playful/funloving ? She still will be affectionate and big sisterly/motherly to the main character no matter the outcome but it plays a huge part in her design.

 Would love to hear your input, infact it is needed.

 Plz comment below if you want Serious, type in 'SRS' or if you want Fun, type in Fun. Halp me plz 0w0

Devious Comments

Potato-Yi Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Student General Artist
SRS+Fun combo

can be a character who does stuff seriously, but for comedy purposes, maybe occasional sassy quotes or playful quotes after, um... Doing something epic. Like, mmm, idk. punching a kraken in a face or something.
milkiatte Featured By Owner May 28, 2017

But man in my opinion it would be cool to see a predominantly serious and stoic character who has a secret playful side and occasionally makes jokes that are so deadpan, no one realizes she's kidding :"P I had a teacher like that once and it was great XD
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