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:iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver posted a status
Hiya! The daily journal updates are up! @ Restart # 1transformer-phone Optimus La Or my first ever fanfiction!Optimus La  transformer-phone
It's not going to be uploaded here unless I get a good response from my readers ((Please please!)) but will be on AO3 where I lurk also 0w0
Also. It might be surprising buuut it's not OC x Canon character story but more of a platonic friendship with hardcore one-sided crushing on said0canon characters aaaand that is due to a pyschological trauma. Soooo, yeah!
It will be updated every day. A sentence at a time! Like my other story @
// Cybertron: New Spacehub #345 . Somewhere on one of Kaon's moons//
A middle sized spaceship landed carefully , parking itself according to the coordinates given with a compressed wheeze of , it would appear... Relief.  Albeit it was done so in a dignified manner . 
There was
and MISSadventures # 1Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing Wasabimote riding sushi Sushi Ride Hiya! This post will be edited and updated everyday , so it is only gonna grow longer!Wasabimote riding sushi Sushi Ride  This is my first time writing , so I'm really nervous! :) But happy! Aaaaand at the end of each Saturday night @ Singapore, I shall finish and post it as a literature piece for you guys to read in it';s unholy entirety with a picture! 0w0 Because we all like pictures!
First Kaoani This recounts 13 year old me in Japan! XD Cuz we all know I'm a giant weeaboo but did you know I was an even BIGGER Weeaboo as a kid? ...Well, I WAS! Oh and if you bother reading this, can you please , please leave a comment ? Favourites are awesome but I would really love encouragement and maybe some feedback! Comment
Just learnt how to submit a journal to groups and my mind is BLOWN.

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