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Racial arguemnts aside on the gorilla issue, I wish to point out a fact. Gori is the first female who is both chubby and yet broadshouldered with muscular arms and portrayed as a fun-loving , sweet, and excitable( outside work) I have seen. Jasper from Steven Universe and Amethyst miiight fit this category but the first is shown in an antagonistic manner and even Amethyst can come across as immature, selfish and sassy at times.   

When I saw her, I was so afraid that there would be the digs on her looking slightly masculine, or maybe due to her significant difference in size in certain areas in contrast to the other characters. But NO.

Gori is admired, she is seen as a badass, competent and at the same time, she herself is a developed character. She loves cute things, she struggles with a career and a relationship and she is besties with Washimi. When Retsuko gets a boyfriend, not long after Gori ends a relationship with someone , she is excited and so happy for her friend and not the very least resentful or jealous or bitter and that, to me, is so significant.

Fat characters , bigger sized or muscular characters are all too often portrayed as bullies, as sassy or mean spirited.

Sanrio had all the chance to do that to Gori but they chose to make her soft, kind, gentle and excitable in contrast to how she looks. Gori is argueably meant to be as lovable as any of the other female characters, was created to be seen as lovable.

And that to me, as a girl who used to go swimming, and thus now has rather broad shoulders and muscular arms, who towers over a lot of women her age and who is a bit chubby at the same time. So important to see a such a character and feel so represented. A lot of people comment that I look stern or strict but when they get to know me, find a difference , I have been told I am patient, I am actually quite cheerful even though I don't smile often, and I am soft spoken and very gentle. 

All my life media has shown me characters who looked like me range from jerks to outright tyrants. And all my life I have fought against this portrayal, the more people expected me to be dim, I studied hard, harder to show them that yes, tall and large people too could have brains...To be menacing, to be strict or push over shorter people or be discriminatory in any sense, I developed a ear to listen when people felt down, eyes to be fair as possible and to be gentle at all times. Even to those undeserving of my gentleness.

So, to finally have a positive character, makes me so very hopeful that she would not be the last positive female respresentation for characters of her appearance . 

Potato-Yi Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Student General Artist
there are some characters portrayed as gentle giants.
they are cool ~ o3o
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Edited May 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are. But few are rarely female. And even then, it is hard to find one who is girly or not coded as a tomboy. Nothing wromg with tough, sassy tomboys but name me a girl who is buff, chubby , tall and very girly? I know there are a quite a few chubby tall guys in media , anime and cartoons who are gentle but of girls? Not much. I can list down 4 in total for 'good', against a host of bullies fitting this body type, Makoto Kino of Sailor moon possibly fitting this as a 'good' example but she is tall, skinny , and portrayed as a tomboy. Sure, she does has a feminine side, but she is as skinny as the rest of them. Nothing wrong with thin individuals but this journal was about plump, buff, female representation. Then as mentioned, the only somewhat positive characters I can think who miiight fit this trope, suprise, suprise, come from Steven Universe. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Bismuth are three good aligned characters albeit they might do things somewhat grey at times. But they are far from feminine all the time and none are gentle characters (Especially as recently revealed, Rose!) and rather tom-boyish!  And Steven Universe only premiered in 2013, the first Sailor Moon anime came out in 1992, that is a long, long time for representation to finally happen for bigger girls. Boys thankfully get the rare appearance and in recent years have had more tall, gentle , buff and chubby guys in media. But girls? Sorry if this comes across as a bit of a rant. But I think on that note, even I need to work on this kind of representation in my works. It is just saddening to see such outdated stereotypes just based on a body type and appearance.
Potato-Yi Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Student General Artist
indeed, they are pretty rare.

at least, Courage the Cowardly Dog's Muriel is extremely kind to everyone ~
she may not be buff and muscular, but I think she's a good example of a plump lady who is kind and gentle even to someone like Eustace.

and i think i vaguely remember a flapjack episode,
i think there was a buff female giant, but people fear her because of her scary appearance. She had a gentle feminine side and made friends with flapjack ~ 

and if im not mistaken, the powerpuff girls made the 4th sister in one episode, who was huge. But I don't remember much of it. I think she was gentle too ? 

But yeah, these type of characters are rarely portrayed.
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